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Passenger - Malayalam Movie. An excellent thriller. Gripping.

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on receipt of this post, missus and self, started watching the movie. absolutely thrilling.

we had to stop around 1H20m; this was two days ago, and still haven't found the time together to finish it. hopefully by the end of the week.

cannot believe such good movies being made in india.

this is now being made also into a tamil movie. muriyadi. good thing - movie only 118 minutes. :)
Thaniye (Alone)

I love to watch good Malayalam Movies. Last Sunday by chance I saw a good movie "Thaniye" (Alone) in a Malayalam TV Channel. The simple story is about the plight of an aged lonely (rich) man who is bedridden. His loneliness drives him to desire death but slowly changes by the attitude and concern shown by a home nurse. The one and only Nedumudi Venu as the old-man George Kutty and Lakshmi Gopalaswami as the home nurse echos the real world of loneliness of the aged people in modern day Indian houses, by their sterling performance. This movie is directed by a new comer Babu Thiruvalla.

Dear brahm,

I saw the move thaniye in its entirety (6 parts) of 2 hours in one sitting.

It is an awesome movie. The characters have been dealt gently and without the emotional pathos of tamil movies. There is a dignity in the movie, even to sosamma, the vilest character.

Needless to say this is a fairly recurring topic. If it does not happen in my family, it happens in the next ie getting a nurse to take care of an elderly person. In this case, the nurse is a young single girl and the patient is an old man. She brings out the paternal feelings in him, which is acceptable.

I know a Chinese man 85 in Toronto, who developed a romantic feeling for his nurse, 45 (also Chinese). He kicked out his wife of 60 years, calling her a witch and being cruel to him all these years. He was a millionaire, and left all his money to the nurse. The wife was destitute, and had to live with her children. Lost all her pride and sense of self worth. The children were angry, not only for losing the money, but also need to take care of the mother.

In the movie, the family moved in fast, kicked out the nurse. The oldman did not like it. Not sure about the ending. Did he leave permanently in the bus? If so, to where?

The brief interlude of another health care worker committing suicide based on false accusation, sounds very true in india. Or for that matter, even in the west. When any jewellery is missing, the inclination is to accuse the servant or hired help. I have idiot female relations, who have misplaced their diamond studs or necklaces, accused the maids, only to find these things later. Not a word of apologies. In the instance where the maid was fired, she remained so.

Would recommend thaniye to anyone. There are no subtitles. But the movie is free flowing enough for anyone knowing tamil to follow

Thank you.
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Completed the passenger. Overall a good movie, though the ending dragged a bit.

The very last scene, when advocate nandan, goes on air, and gives a spiel on social responsibility and his tribute to sathyanathan, made me cry. It is indeed a wry humour, that this honest guy gets hen pecked at home, by wife and mother. Also, right in the middle of seeing his own tribute, his mother plucks away the TV remote and puts on some religious channel.

What can I say?
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