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participate and contribute in a research

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Hello everyone,

I'm a french PHd student (geography and sociology - family and aging, department in CNRS - national center for research), and started my last year a thesis about the care and the population's ageing in India seen from a transnational point of view. Most of my field research is done in Tamil Nadu in Chennai.
The point of those trip was to meet elder people whom children live abroad and get to know more about their conditions of life.

The second part of my work -next month in toronto, may- will consist in interviewing expatriate children whose parents still live in India (NRI).
I've already done the same in Singapore whith 10 families.
I have already planned quite a few interviews for my visit in may, but would be interested

I'm in Toronto, So let's go to the point: if you think of any connexions in Toronto I could meet, or if you are interested in contributing to this research please let me know! Don't hesitate to reach me via mail [email protected]

I thank you in advance for your help,

Mathilde Plard
hi mathilde,

you send the same message about a year or so ago. i responded to you and offered to help out. but i did not hear any more from you.

are you reviving your project after one year. what happened to all those people who responded to you. i remember a few sending you their contact info via private messages.

maybe you can give us your progress since your last posting here. thank you.
hi Kunjuppu,

Actually, I've been in india for long time.
I've met lot of people very helpfull there !
Many elderly help me in my research.

I stay in old age home with elderly people for weeks.
In total I conduct 60 interview with people aged from 60 to 89 years old.
I learn a lot from them. and how they feel about the transnational sitting of their families.

After lot of research in india with the aged person, I've been in singapor to have interview with NRI's whom parents live in india.
It was very interesting to listen this side of the story of the transnational living condition. I feel that the younger generation is a bit more critic about the situation, and they feel more "alone". They face a lot of difficulty to find the best way to care for the parents. many of those NRI's told me about the very few possibility in india ... "there is no good choice, becouse there is no choice". Generally they told me about their wishe to have more choice of old age home, senior residency ... they find the care offer in india under-developped.

So I'm now in toronto to get more information about this side of the transnational indian way of life. I've one hypothesis ... (might be wrong of course) : I suppose that NRI in particular are creating this new care sector / care activity / care market for the elderly in India. From what I've seen they are most of the time people whom have money to care but they aren't present physically. so for me, the NRI's community in particular is at this beginning of the emergence of the care service for elderly. And there is lot of things to do in india to improve such service.
Because of the lack of concurrence, cie are free to do what they want (there is no rules / law ...).
I would like to understand how people from toronto for example organize this care ? what are their experience about it ?

and because TamBrahm are sort of in advance in this way of life, they often show new way and keep in the same time the sense of the indian joint family.

I hope I answer your question ...
So with those information I hope some of you will agree to told me their experience ;-)

Will you let us know when you complete the research & let us have the findings- it would be helpful to initiate some action. Tks - AT
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