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Parable of the rose ..

Not open for further replies.
I am thinking of sending some nice portions from various books that I read . I request the moderator whether this is permissible in the fourm

A certain man planted a rose and watered it faithfully and before it blossomed, He examined it. He saw the bud that would soon blossom, but noticed thorns upon the stem and he thought,
"How can any beautiful flower come from a plant burdened with so many sharp thorns?"
Saddened by this thought, he neglected to water the rose, and before it was ready to bloom, it died.
So it is with many people. Within every soul there is a rose. The God like qualities planted in us at birth growing amid the thorns of our faults. Many of us look at ourselves and see only the thorns, the defects. We despair, thinking that nothing good can possibly come from us.
We neglect to water the good within us, and eventually it dies.
We never realize our potential.
Some people do not see the rose within themselves; someone else must show it to them.
One of the greatest gifts a person can possess is to be able to reach past the thorns and find the rose within others.

here is my take on your suggestion.

this is a forum, where mostly, i think, people like to hear from and exchange ideas or information with others.

the personal touch is an important element in this place.

having said that, i suppose, it is ok, for very brief 'cut n pastes'. usually, it is better to provide the url.

disk space costs money and since we are all here for free, it is, i think, courtesy to use this wisely and 'to our needs'.

posting large articles is a 'no no'.

a good example of how your idea is received, is through feedback and replies. if after a couple, nobody is commenting, then, it is like those spam mails that we get in our emails everyday.

except this would be spam posting :)

thank you.
Not open for further replies.

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