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As we all know, panjamirtham would originally have consisted of five ingredients.Who knows what these ingredients were and what is the origin of panjamirtham, what texts have mentioned the amirtham. I tend to think it must have included banana,honey,jaggery,mango and may be jackfruit.What do we think?
namaste shrI nalanda.

One way to research this is to look up the large dictionaries and then go to the sources they indicate.

The online Monier Williams Dictionary has this information:
n. sg. and pl. the 5 kinds of divine food (viz. milk , coagulated or sour milk , butter , honey , and sugar) Hcat.
(Source: chaturvarga chintAmani by Hemadri)
MW Advanced Search

The University of Madras Tamil Lexicon has this information:
, n. < pañcan + am?ta. A mixture of five delicious substances, usually, plantain, honey, sugar, ghee, grape, used for anointing idols; வாழைப்பழம், தேன், சர்க்கரை, நெய், திராட்சை என்ற இனிய பண்டங்களால் ஆக்கியதும் அபிஷேகத்திற்கு உபயோகிப்பதுமான பண்டம். (T. A. S. I, 268.)
Tamil lexicon

Here is a recipe for panchAmirtam:
Indian Cuisine / Recipes - Festival Delicacies, microwave cooking, microwave recipes, indian sweets, south indian dishes
Though Panchamrutham was made in homes as a prasadam in Poojas at Homes and Temples, it was Palani that made this wonderful Prasadam famous.
This is what I have seen Seventy years ago in Palani, where the "Pandaram" used to make
"Panchamrutham" in our presence in the Choultry where were staying.

The ingredients used by him were:
Malaippazham (Virpakshi hill Bananas) விருபாக்ஷி மலைப்பழம்
Hill Honey மலைத்தேன்
Naattu Charkarai (Small amount of Sugar candy also used) நாட்டு சர்க்கரை
Ghee நெய்
Date fruits.பேரிச்சம் பழம் .

In those days the "Panshamrutham" was prepared by hand and used for Abhishekam on the Holy Deity of Sri Dhandayuthapani.
The original idol of Anadavar is said to be made by Siddhar Bhogar using "Navapashanam".

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