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Pandarpur Yatra of IT Professionals – IT Dindee Waari 2012 between Alandi and Pune

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Trebuchet, sans-serif]
[/FONT][FONT=Trebuchet MS, Trebuchet, sans-serif]IT Professionals from Pune undertake a short journey during the Pandarpur Yatra – this year the IT Dindee between Alandi and Pune will take place on Wednesday June 13, 2012 along with Sri Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palakhi.[/FONT]

Pandharpur Yatra is the annual pilgrimage from Dehu and Alandi to the
at Pandarpur in
is also known as
Vitthal-Rukhmini Temple
and is dedicated to Sri Krishna. This most important annual pilgrimage is a 21-day trek known as Pandharpur Ashadi Ekadasi Waari and culminates on the Ekadasi day in the Marathi month Ashada.

Pandharpur Waari is an unparalleled pilgrimage that breaks the barriers of caste, creed, rich and poor – thousands of people walk with unparalleled devotion to a personal deity, a great aspect of Bhakti sect. The amazing fact is that the Yatra is attracting more and more pilgrims each year. People young and old travel for kilometers barefooted chanting the holy names.

The Yatra is a great celebration of Bhakti Tradition the backbone of Sanatana Dharma.

Jagad Guru Sri Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palakhi
In 2012, the Pandharpur Yatra from Dehu carrying Jagad Guru Sri Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palakhi near Pune will start on June 10, 2012 and will end on June 30, 2012 at Pandarpur on Ashadi Ekadasi.

Sri Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palakhi
In 2012, the Pandharpur Yatra from Alandi near Pune carrying Sri Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palakhi will start on June 11, 2012 and end atPandarpur Temple on June 30, 2012

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