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Panchopachaara Pooja

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What is Upachara? Its simple welcoming, wram treatment, and apart from all with filled mind we should treat one with utmost patience.

This panchopachara is mainly based on how we should treat others. If a person comes to our home, hoe we greet and treat them? We initially offer them some water to wash their feets, then give them water, then we make facilities for them to bath, then provide them clothes and sumptious food.

These were included in 16 upacharas.

5 upacharas are simpler form. It includes Ghandham, dhoopam, deepam, pushpam, and naivedhyam. (Simply to control their 5 indriyas- skin-gandham; dhoopam- nose; deepam- eyes; pushpam- ears (I mean by saying namas and then doing archana); naivedhya- mouth).

This is very simple and atleast we should do this before a pooja. This panchopachara pooja can be done manasik also (Symbolically) to pacify gods. Its a must to do thing after dhyana while doing sandhyavandhanam too.

HINDUISM..Sanatana Dharma..What is Panchopachaara Pooja? What is the meaning behind? What we understand by it?There is one Ekopachaara pooja too.But Panchopachaara Pooja is well known.What have we to learn from it? What is our understanding about this Panchopachaarams?
hi sundaram sir,
there are three kinds of upachara poojas....panchopachara puja/
shodasa upachara puja/dwa trisamsat upachara pooja..
in panchopara pujas///dhandham/pushpam/doopam/deepam/neivedyam..this is very short cut pooja..upachara means..
upa means near to god....16 upachara means little eloborate..
this generally followed pooja.....32 upachara poojas very eloborate
pooja......like big festival...special pooja...ekopachara pooja
means just pray with manasika pooja...

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