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panchangam for tamil year vikruthi

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dear sirs

my friend's daughter's nichyathartham is now over. the wedding is to take place in the next tamil year - vikruthi. the auspicious dates could not be finalised as panchangam for the particular tamil year is not ready. i think it will be made available only after thai month.

since fixing marriage halls and other pre marriage arrangements are very difficult now-a-days, can any one give the address of the publishers of the panchangam (esp. pambo panchangam) so that we can procure one for this purpose.

thanks a lot.

Normal Panchangam will come only in February 2010. Dinamalar calender has lot of details almost like a panchangam which would have to market or may come to market anytime.

Probably Sri Swaminatha Sharma can help you on this since he is publishing panchangam every year

All the best
dear sharmaji
i am not a specialist in fixing dates for any occasions. i wanted to help my friend to get panchangam so that muhurtham can be fixed in consultation with his family vadhyar.
my thanks to sri rvr for the information.

dear sharmaji

thanks for your quick and valuable information regarding auspicious days for marring in the month of chitirai.
i am forwarding the details to my friend at chennai.
a big thank you, again.

Panchangams are available in Kerala (in Malayalam)for the period Aug-Sept to July-August .i.e the current panchangam there is valid till 15/16 th August 2010.
Ok sir...

Let me post here some of the important dates from Chitrai... which u can make use of
1) 18/04/2010-sunday-Chathurthi-Rohini-Sithayogam, 7.30 to 9 am Rishaba lagnam
2) 21/04/2010-Wedne-Sapthami-Punarpoosam-Sithayogam, 6 to 7.30 am, Rishaba lagnam
3) 25/04/2010-Sunday-Dwadasi-Uthiram-Amirthayogam, 9 to 10.30 am Mithuna lagnam
4) 26/04/2010-Monday-Triyodasi-Hastham-Sithayogam, 6 to 7.30 am, Rishaba lagnam
5) 30/04/2010-Friday-Dwidiyai-Anusham-Sithayogam, 6 to 7.30 am, Rishaba lagnam
6) 02/05/2010-Sunday-Chadhurthi-Moolam-Amirthayogam, 9 to 10.30 am, Mithuna lagnam
7) 10/05/2010-Monday-Dwadasi-Uthirattadi-Sithayogam, 6 to 7.30 am, Rishaba Lagnam

The above dates are muhurtha dates for Chithirai Month....Please fix a Muhurtha date suitable for the girl and boy using Astro techniques.

If u need for month of Vaigasi... please tell me, i shall post it here...

Namaskarams.I remember Chitirai had two amavasya occuring in the month making it a mala masa and hence unsuitable for any muhurtha.Please clarify
Thanks for querry.....

visha maasam and mala maasam does not apply to the month of Chithirai and Vaigaasi...

hence you can fix muhurthas on the month of chitrai and vaigaasi....

Thanks. May I know the source on which you rely to state that Malamasa is not applicable for Mesha and vrishaba masas
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