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Panchami Lands

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In TV Show today நீதியின் குரல் WIN TV the topic was MK's Promise to retrieve these lands even it has to be from chief Minister or judges to a dalit audience . One of the Panel Members Dr. Krishnaswamy"s View is that The British has made the provision Panchami Lands seeing the plight of Dalits. Now it is gradually grabbed by the powerful .This is nothing new & lands were forcibly taken from them even during மன்னர் ஆட்சி (Whole Villages) and given to Brahmins as Chaturvedi Mangalam Brahma Desam Etc. and hence wanted a land Commission to get these details from those days and the land redistributed. Can any one say whose land were made as Panchami by the British and whose land during மன்னர் ஆட்சி was given as Brahma desam chaturvedimangalam etc Is this promise made in view of the election next year? On phone to the anchor Sv.Sekar confirms Mr. MK will keep his promise. Some said the land on which LIC and Anna Arivalyam stands are also Panchami Land any opinion these lands? :crazy:Jambu
Anna Arivalayam,and AIADMK on LLoyds Roads,the land belongs to porumboke and therefore occupants are porumbokes now.Only Congress Building lands belongs to Tamizhans from time immemorial.
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