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P A C Vs J P C

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I wish to know the powers and limitations of both Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) in terms of -

1. Composition of members

2. Summoning of records and documents - already tabled in Parliament and those are made
available in various public domains, whose authenticity cannot be challenged

3. Summoning of fresh records and documents

4. Summoning of Witnesses (from amongst the politicians or serving bureaucrats and govt/PSU
officials, people who retired from services, accounting and auditing committees of various
departments/agencies including CAG, investigating agencies like CVC, CBI etc.)

5. Recording their deposition

6. Cross Examination

7. Paying visit to various places and offices and conducting searches with the help of Income
Tax Dept, Dept of Revenue Intelligence, Enforcement Directorate, RBI, SEBI, Ministry of
Corporate Affairs etc.

8. Accessing classified documents from the government wings

9. Summoning the promoters or their authorized representatives of those companies that
are beneficiaries of the 2 G spectrum allocation

10. Reopening the closed reports and ordering fresh investigation

11. Compilation of various facts and figures and preparation of interim and/or final reports

12. Findings and conclusions reached

13. Powers to order prosecution of those found guilty

14. Further discussions on these reports on the floor of the parliament

15. Role of Speaker/Deputy Speaker in Lok Sabha and Chairman/Vice-Chairman in Rajya Sabha

16. Options available to the government to accept/reject the reports in part or in full

17. Who are the appellate authorities

18. Maximum Time limit available for each stage of the total process

19. Right to Information Act

20. Legal validity of such reports and the powers of High Court/Supreme Court to interfere at
any point of time

21. What was the fate of PAC/JPC reports in the past
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