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Osama, Obama, Pakistan and Politics

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Now OBL - Osama Bin Laden - is thrown into the Northern Arabian Sea, already entering into the Food Chain. Surely, he will not be welcomed by the 72 Virgins!!

Barack Hussein Obama is telling the Radical Right, "I may be the skinniest guy with a funniest name, but I have my nerves of steel and a laser-like focus that I single handedly achieved what our machos Chenys, Rummys, Bushies could not do for nearly 8 long years! That I went deep into Pakistan, near their West Point, to grab OBL with a bullet in his forehead. That I took custody of this Evil Meister and thrown him into the Arabian Sea, within 24 hours in accordance with the Islamic custom, for I know well how one should treat the dead body!"

Pakistan is in utter chaos: their ISI is terribly shaken and P. Chidambaram is jeering "I told you so"!

American politics is fertile... the Radical Right doesn't know how to shape the image of the son of the Kenyan Muslim... Trump got eggs on his face and the GOP has no front-runner to oppose this Man of the Year.

Americans in particular, the Moderates, the people in the Meaningful Middle, are telling BHO, "Mr. President, Job well done; we salute you for what you did with OBL. We are eternally grateful to you, Sir".

"You deserve to stay in the White House till 2016... Amen."
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This opportunity couldnt have come Obama's way at a better time!! Poll sinking, credibility low,
american economy again looking down, another Entebbe, job welldone for sure!!

But not sure if I would credit all of it to Obama; lot of ground work is being done for the
last 4 years but Bush couldnt put all the strings together like Obama did.

How I wish the Indians went across right after the Parliament attack or even after
Bombay massacre to do a quick surgical strike...granted it couldnt be done in
40 minutes.

Not sure if this will get another term for Obama..in politics, the memory is short
and in the next two years, there will be plenty of opportunities where he may fail!!
Dear Sri Yamaka Ji,

I agreed with all of your posting, except when I came to the last sentence.

From what I understand, Usama being with the fishes could not have happened without the water boarding of KSM.

In my opinion, if BHO was the President during Bush years, Usama would still be having a jolly good time, perhaps in a place more idyllic than Pakistan.

BHO took a chance and unlike his predecessor who he closely resembles (President Carter), our armed forces bailed him out.

"I agreed with all of your posting, except when I came to the last sentence."

Dear KRS:

IMO, BHO has earned his second-term by this one decisive act! lol

I heard that his advisors were divided 50:50 whether to bomb the entire compound to dirt or to surgically remove only Osama and his couriers!

He took the most dangerous option: Sending the SEALs for surgical operation, even without Pakistanis help!

Assume that Pak forces nearby swarmed the SEALs and killed them all! And allowing Osama to escape!

BHO took that chance! For this nerve of steel, BHO deserves all praises, and even re-election, IMO.

What exactly KSM gave after water boarding is quite controversial... I believe the identity of the courier was established without WB...

I have not heard of any credible candidates for the Primary from the GOP as yet! What's happening?

Probably, Trump, Bachmann, Ron Paul, Romney and Huckabee will be the candidates!

Wait & watch.


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i think osama will still get his virgins. after all he died for a cause, and he had faith. per his faith, he is a martyr and let us not deprive him of his due rewards.

... and perhaps, u.s.a and the rest of the world, should try very hard, to hasten such rewards for a group of folks, who have made the world unsafe for the common man.

i still regret, when i could walk into a plane, two minutes before take off, and have the wife waving at me from the door.

i spend more time waiting at the airports security queue, than actual flying.

hopefully, the world will feel safe to return to those times, if not in the immediate future, atleast within 20 years or so.
bho rocks and will rock with second term ra ra ra ra :).something fishy with osama in sea hope the mermaid's blow him up as well lol :)
Hello All:

Should the US Gov't release the entire video and/or the gruesome pictures of OBL?

My opinion is NO... what's important is OBL is gone and already eaten by the sharks in the Arabian Sea! His daughter and wife at the compound have spoken... and his Will has been read! What more do we need?

Why to parade his picture, which would inevitably "fire up" the Islamic Fundamentalists? There are very many suicidal crazy people around.

What say you? Love to know your pov.


"i think osama will still get his virgins. after all he died for a cause, and he had faith. per his faith, he is a martyr and let us not deprive him of his due rewards"

Dear K:

Yes, OBL had a faith - not really Islam. His faith was anarchy and destruction.. all to satisfy his inferior feeling of jealousy. He used Islam as a cover...

He knew that the Ottoman Empire is long gone - and the Caliphate was totally dissolved soon after the WW I...Turkey the Seat of Old Caliphate emerged as a Secular State under Mustafa Kamel Ataturk..

He could not see the tremendous progress of the Secular World - the Modernity, which he abhorred... and he started his Jihad against that success, against the Emancipation of Women and their Progress in the Modern World.... he was a pathological demon...

I am very angry that we did not get him long time ago, at Toro Boro; Had Dubya Bush employed the US Army Rangers / Texas Rangers, instead of the outsourced people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, OBL would have been captured long long time ago..

I am still simmering in anger at Dubya! He took the focus away from OBL and wasted all that time, money and lives in Iraq.

And, our response to terrorism was totally wrong -

If you allow concealed hand guns (by experienced healthy citizens and armed guards) inside the aircrafts and secure the cockpits (and tell the world that armed people are around) we NEED not humiliate all the passengers at the gate in the name of "checking".

TSA must be banned, IMO.. It's all one large bureaucracy NOT really needed. We are throwing away hard earned tax dollars on something totally unnecessary.

Anyway, let me stop my blather here!



ps. Do you really think he was a martyr? For what cause did he die, anyway?
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dear Y,

agree with you re release of pix. the ones that want to see it, under the guise of closure, are either voyeurs or perverts. hope common sense prevails.

re OBL and virgins. i have been told that islam in its absoluteness would tolerate, if not demand, the type of behaviour a la OBL or our own aurangzeb. if their faith is sincere, so be it, and let them get their virgins. i have been to catholic schools, and the ardency of the faith is no less.

it took me to canada, to realize the humanists of the christian civilization. i am quite sure there are equivalents in islam too. being tamil, i can only think of justice m.m.ismail, who wrote a commentary on ramayana and much admired by erudite tambrams.

probably abdul kalam is in the same category, but i left india in 1973 and am not so close to tamiil islamists. my roots are in north malabar, and folks with names like ummaramooppan or paidhal are household familiarities. the concept of envious islam i came to face, in paris france, summer 1985, in the hotel where we stayed.

the entire staff was algerian or tunisian - they of berber or converso spanish heritage - looking very white european, and could pass off as frenchmen. but their anger, envy and fanaticism was very real - they did want to turn mediterranean into an islamic lake. surprisingly, they treated me as a friend of islam a guest and follower of hindustan. we did not even, as indians, come in their radar.

which makes me believe, that the peripheral islamic socieities of india, indonesia, malaysia or even the caucasus, are of little concern to the root arab islam for that matter not even persia.

just a personal take on things.

more later, on your take on my this post.

thank you. best wishes.
I saw in Facebook a funny news. In NDTV (India)Hindi breaking news they showed in HINDI"OBAMA KI SIRPAR GOLIMARI"
Source:-Navnit Mishra,Cupertino,California(FB)
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