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origins - part 1

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This is in continuation of the thread: http://www.tamilbrahmins.com/showthread.php?t=1478 , with more to be continued later..

Any info on the veerakudi vellalars is welcome.

To begin with i am supposing that the vellalars were a very large group of people within which ppl were divided into diff occupations, that later became jaatis. And one of them happened to be ppl in brahmanical roles and functions who later became part of the tamil brahmin diaspora. Wud such a supposition be wrong?

Is there anything to suggest that as these ppl travelled down south from the gangetic plains, they might have left a trail of the same kind of people along orissa, andhra, tn, karnataka and kerala??

An unrelated point:
Found this statement interesting:
But why is caste given so much importance in this area? Because, it is entwined with the economic and social aspects. People here get everything apprenticeship in the trade (mostly printing, matches and fireworks), financial assistance, first customers, social acceptance from members of their own community. From: http://www.saivaneri.org/pillais_or_pillay_origin_of_surname_pillai_or_pillay.htm

Is this what caste is supposedly given importance for?
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