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Oregon State Shri Chakra

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Recently I studied an article related to the formation of Shri chakra in Oregon State of America. Its around 13.5 miles length and this happened in August 1990. Might be the info is very old. But I got this yesterday only. More and more info is available by googling. I wish all our members to discuss and share their views about this.

The Nama of shri amba "DESA KAALA PARICHINNA" only came to my mind.

This from India. If you read OCCULT CHEMISTRY by Annie Besant and Jinnaraja Dasa who met a sadhu in India and he traveled outer space and drew fig. The Triangle shows five triangles Which is Five active Planets Sun, Mars, Jupitor= Male Planets; Chandran and Skran are female Planets. According to Veda, the rays/ vibrations from these five Planets accompanied by Saturn rays and Bhudan, (Which is identified as she male/ Ether) reaches South Pole. the Rahu (She/ Shadow Planet) and thrown to North Pole, Kethu.

The Vedic book/ Bark was smuggled from Gujarat to Paris from where it was taken to U.S.
I can not explain everything here as it is large volume and if I type it may take years to complete.

But I suggest our members to see the Book Occult Chemistry, copy of which is at Connemara Library and at theosophical Society at Adyaru.
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