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Oonam and Masikam rituals - reg.

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I have the following doubts and would like to be clarified if time
permits. I could not search for the same in the blogspot :-

My mother's aparakriya were completed by me, at Ernakulam, as the
eldest Son. The Vaadhyar has now given the chart for Oonam and

Mother's death was on 16-4-12 Meda Masa Krishna paksha Ekadasi.

May 13, Sodhakumbham, 14th Oonamasikam, 15th Sodhakumbham and 16th Aadhimasikam/
My Vaadhyar at Trivandrum where I am settled has opined that
Sodhakumbham can be performed later on if I am pressed with Official

As far as Oonamasikam is concerned, he stated that it may be performed
as 'Hiranya' or with Homam. The same applies for Aadhimasikam. It
was also stated that if Homam is to be performed, then Sradha food for
2 Brahmins have to be prepared.

Kindly advice me on the appropriateness going by the following queries :-

(i) Whether Homam is a must? If so, whether the Homam can be
performed only for the Oonams and not for the Masikams ?

(ii) If 'Hiranya' method is followed, is it necessary to give normal
food for 2 brahmins?

My father passed away when I was only 15 years and rites were
performed by me with a 'Kaattu Poonal'. After marriage, we perform my
father's annual Sradha with Homam. I do not want to short-cut my late
mother's rituals. At the same time my Official commitments are also
to be taken care of without losing the sanctity of the rituals
Homam is a must for oonam and masikam. sradha food for 2 brahmins required. for sodakumbam no homam. sodakumbam can be done along with next month sodakumbam. Because of your official committments you may follow hiranya method now for this month. From next month if you can you can do masikam with homam.

If it is not possible for you for the coming 12 months you can do hiranya method by giving money (dakshinai) raw rice and plantain kai without giving food. Before varushaptheegam you can do on one day for the 12 months masikam with homam and also for sodakumbam one day for the 12 months you can do.
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