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Oona masikam date


My mother's first abdheekam tithi is Purattasi Sukla Panchami, so should be Sep 30, I think. Based on this I plan to come to India for this, and I think sodhakumbham could be done on Sep 29 and gregyam on Oct 1. Question is when to do fourth oona masikam - my elder brother is mukhya karta, but his wife may not be present at that time; his nakshatram is Punarvasu. I am gauna karta, my wife will be there with me, and my nakshatram is Anusham. On checking, I find that homams cannot be done without wife's physical presence - hence the complication as to who is going to be the karta, and based on that, which day will oona masikam be possible. Gopalanji, or other experts, may provide their valued guidance.
sir, oona masikam must be done from the death date after 341day to 355 day. that is from september5th to sep.19th. the mukya kartha may do on 7 th sept or8th or12th or 15th any one day. sodakumbam on 29th, varushaptheekam on 30th and greykyam on 1st oct. these things must be done only by mukya kartha. others are not eligible to do this. your elder brother may do without the presence of his wife. bachelors and widowers are doing sratham every year. for sratham purpose homams can be done without the presence of their wife.
Thank you so much, Gopalan Sir for sharing your deep knowledge of our Sastras. Since date of death is 10/10/21, the 341st day seems to be 15 Sep 22, if my working is correct. If so, could you please recalculate and inform me the Oona masikam allowed dates for mukhya karta of Punarpusam nakshatra?

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