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One can't become a Brahmin by birth

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The shastra says Brahmins' job is to do work in temple. They have no business to work for money. So as soon as the "So called" brahmin go for jobs he/she loses the right to be termed himself as Brahmin.

I challenge the so called Brahmins to prove they are Brahmins.

If you want to disprove my statement then refer the vedas. Do not just talk on your own.

I have lot of questions to ask the "so called" brahmins, which I am sure nobody could answer except few True BRAHMINS.
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as a moderator of this forum, i wish to tell you, please do not open different posts for similar sounding topic.

you alread have a 'qualifications of a brahmin' thread open.

there will be overlaps and confusion. i am closing this. future such threads will be deleted.

thank you.
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