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old tamil saying/tamil proverb

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dears namaskars. in tamizh there is a saying "PENNUKKU IDAM KODALE"iam not able to get the exact meaning of this .i request learned members to clarify me.in this context the following points may be considered.also.1)PEN-may be either daughter or wife other way any lady.2)IDAM -either left hand side or right hand side.the other way can be role/place(importance) also.here yet another point to be noted is-in PRAACCHINA VEEDHI(in pithru tharppanam)the upa veedham would be on the right hand shoulder only-though it my be meant as "IDAM").kindly enlighten me.LET KNOWBLE THOUGHTS COME FROM ALL SOURCES.with namaskars.v.lalithakumar

is it something like this?

பொண்ணுக்கு கொஞ்சம் இடம் கொடுத்தால் தலைக்கு மேலே வந்து ஒக்காருவா
dear kunjuppu,namaskars.thanks a lot of your reading between the lines. it seems that you may be in one way correct.in course of time (THIRUBU)could have been taken place in the saying.as per you version the saying wants to drive home the moral that "longing after gold (wealth in lot)may lead to destruction".thanks with namaskars .( (AA KNOW BHADHRA KRATHAVO YANTHU VISWATHAHA.(LET KNOWBLE THOUGHTS COME FROM ALL SOURCES.))v.lalithakumar
Pennukku Idam Kodel..... means at all functions and spritual important functions The lady (Finance Minister in every family) must always be on the Left (Idam) and not on the Valam (Right).
This is the real meaning.
dear akura namaskars.thanks a lot towards your clarification regarding the proverb in thamizh typing.while appreciating your involvement ,i accept my failure in providing the thamizh typing as my computer is not blessed with such facility. though the proverb ("..") given in mine is english as a matter of fact it should be red as thamizh only.sorry for inconvenience.with namaskars.v.lalithakumar.
Respected Lalithkumar
I asked for it in Tamil if possible only since , I felt there may be some sense
of incompetion in the proverb(since it was kodale typed) . idam kodal givng left side means ida bagam
Even lord Siva gave same way for PARVATHI at Arunachalam .
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before tyying the mangal sutra the woman was made to sit to brdiegrooms right and after that she will be in his left always.

is it something like this?

பொண்ணுக்கு கொஞ்சம் இடம் கொடுத்தால் தலைக்கு மேலே வந்து ஒக்காருவா

Siva gave his left to Parvathi and then another woman (Ganga) came. She had to be accomodated on His head.

பெண்ணுக்கு இடம் கொடேல் is not a widely used proverb though it looks like the Athichoodi of Avvaiyar. It is the advice of a male chauvinist to his fellows.

Poonool idam, valam refer to the lower end of the thread and not to the shoulder on which it is resting.
Ponnukku idam kodel!!!!


After marriage, your wife i.e.ardhaangini, is your life partner walking along the life path with you till the end. She is a VVIP in your life. Without her, whatever you do, it is half-done only. This lady, i.e. wife, should be given a proper place.
Normally, the right hand of a person is always strong. Here, wife supports you all through your life and should be given a strong place. That is why she always stands in your right hand side. Just in a lighter vein, to drive home the main meaning, the proverb has been prepared in a roundabout way. that is all.

The meaning is, do keep her in your right side (valathu pakkam) and not on the left side (idathu pakkam).
dears NAMO NAMAHA. thanks a lot to both shri sabesan narayanaswmy&shri akura for their valuable information. i do not have any idea towards the availability of the old proverbs collections.with namaskars."AAKNOW BHADRA KRATHVO YANTHU VISWATHAHA." v.lalithakumar.
NAMONAMAHA.dear sri BV RAAGHAVAN thanks a lot.your information is very useful and appreciable too.wife is always "RIGHT"(both on the side as well as in the sense.)with namaskars."AAKNOW BHADHRA KRATHAVO YANTHU VISWATHAHA".v.lalithakumar

dear sirs,
without giving my comments on the proverb just let me explain what it means and what is the custom.
pennukku idam kodel is the proverb. It actually means do not give too much respect to women(I am not giving my comments please)Do not make them number1.
thriuvalluvar devotes one chapter penvazhichcheral talking about henpecked husbands.
In all customs and rituals wife should be by the right only and not on the left. If young couple stand wrongly elders will corrrect jocularly saying pennukku idam kodel here meaning that lady should stand to the right of the man ( i think i have put it clearly)
Wife is called better half in English. ( in some cases if it is bitter half English is not responsible for it)
About shiva parvathi (Vama bhagam ). Yes it is true but it does not apply to human beings.(As the customs go)
About upaveedam and pracheenaveedhi , In all mangala karmas the poonul is on the right side it is called upaveedam.
in all apara kryas like shrardhdham and tharpanam it is on the left side pracheenaveedhi and that too according to certain manthras and certain stages of the karyam. so in brief mangalam right aparam left.
one intersting point which is not noted by many and which I got from paramacharyals deivaththin kural is this point. When no karyam is done (Neither para nor apara )how the poonul should be .It should not be on the right or left but should hang aroungd the neck like a garland. I was startled to know this sharp point from the great sage.
namskar I may be enlightened further by the esteemed members.
What is the proverb is still confusing
1.Is it complete
2.If so what is the word whether give or not give
kodale or kodal
some are taking it as koduththal and some as kodel
some clarification required .

Dear sir As mr. vikrama has pointed out it is not a proper proverb. it looks like aathichchoodi but it is not.
anyway this psudo proverb is pennukku idam kodel (kodukkadhe).
If you want proper aathichchoodi by avvaiyar you can get the rendering also from you tube aathichoodi for kids.
infact avvaiyar has written thaiyalai vuyarvu sei meaning, hold the women in high esteem or Improve the status of women.
The word thaiyal is unique in tamil. it is a penpal sirappuppeyar. It has no masculine counterpart to it.
one more piece of information. This avvaiyar is different from the avvaiyar of sangam age.
If you go to marina you can see avvaiyar staue and a verse under the statue' nadagonro kadagonro... that was written by sanga kala avvaiyar..
there was a pirkala avvaiyar also (Total 3 identified. all the three are very famous) she wrote vinayagar agaval mooladharaththil moondezu kanalai etc
தையலை உயர்வு செய் occurs in Bharathi's Puthiya Athichoodi. it means, 'Hold the women in high esteem".
What Avvaiyar said is தையல் சொல் கேளேல். It means do not listen to the words of women. This Avvaiyar belonged to the period when women were considered inferior.
"Pennukku idam kodel" means give no space for a woman (beyond a level). But, it is only the literal meaning.

The other meaning is keep your better half on your right side, so that everything will be alright in your life.

By the way, 25000 Tamil proverbs have been collected and compiled in the form of a book by Dr. Ki. Va. Ja. If someone is interested, I will give full particulars of the book, in the evening.

Dear mr vikrama
It is true that proverbs reflect the thinking of the age in which they are born.Avvaiyars thaiyal sol kelel is one such. If any one wants to argue for women the same proverb can be interpreted differently Thaiyal sol kel comma, Then el full stop.meaning listen to the wordsof women and accept . kel... listen el.... accept.(kuppura vizundhaalum......)
dears NAMO NAMAHA.(for kind attention of shrikunjuppu) the first two words in capital means salutation in success to the elderly,scholarly,respectable persons{prostration to the deity as we perform in the temples}the lost sentence in capital is a RIGVEDHA manthra.in nutshell it may mean" LET NOBLE THOUGHTS COME FROM ALL SIDES/SOURCES".thanks to shri pannvalan.(his indication - the sources of 25000 proverbs.appreciated for his information)thanks to shri vijraman as well as shri tv varathan. namaskars to all."AA KNOW BHADHRA KRATHVO YANTHU VISWATHAHA."v.lalithakumar
By the way, 25000 Tamil proverbs have been collected and compiled in the form of a book by Dr. Ki. Va. Ja. If someone is interested, I will give full particulars of the book, in the evening.

Please provide me information about Ki Va Ja's book. I am interested.

All the best
re the comment of difficulty in providing Tamil characters, by logging on to <Google Indic Transliteration>, you will be able to have English wording transliterated into eleven Indian languages (Tamil is one of them) which are available, and are given below. However it may require some expertise in writing out the sound in English correctly to be converted into the corresponding Indian language accurately.

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