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Old Cycle for Poor Children

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Jaya Jata Sankara
I have purchsed 2 new Cycle for my grand children. hence I desire to give their old cycle free to any poor bramin children. one cycle which can be used by children of age5 to 10 and the 2nd cycle can be used by children 0f age 8 to 13. both the cycles are are in good. I can condition and will lost for another 4/5 years. People in Chennai Tamil Nadu May contact me with due recomendation from a member of tamil brahmin .com

Hara Hara Sankara
044 23770003/ [email protected]
dear sir,
thanks for this kind offer. some one from chennai should identify a suitable candidate for this.
sir - thank you very much for the generosity. i am very much moved by your kind heartedness. by the by, after seeing your name i thought you were a youngster. but it seems you are almost twice as old as me! thank you
Dear members:
This is to let you all know that I spoke to Ragachandrika and since her mother had taken out a loan for the current year, I am sending her a check for Rs.5800 for repayment of Raga's educational loan. We need to help her out for the coming years. We could send a DD to the college itself on her behalf.

I hope all our members will come out in full force with the yearly donation after the appeal goes out.
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Raga Chandrika,

Dear Sir, Jaya Jaya sankara.Thank you for your Good Deed. Now A days ,when we help our brother brahmins,Not only God , but also our Pithrus will bless us through our Guru.Raga is busy with her Tests as such she could not browse post your help rendered. further Mr Balaji A member of Tamil Brahmins, contacted me and Raga and her mother aftera a day or two will meet him. They also wanted to meet you , They may talk you seeking your time for it. Iam glad That This poor girl has good future by your / tamil bramin group members good will
Hara Hara sankara
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