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Oil in the lamp

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Ghee; gingilly oil are the oils usually used. never use ground nut oil;castor oil and eluppa ennai may be used.
Traditions apart, it is the availability ,and price that will determine this now.
Any oil which does not give out much smoke, which stays for a longer time, and does not irritate the eyes of people in the place will suit the purpose.

Generally Gingelly oil is used.Due to the cost factor nowadays Ghee is used on very few special occasions.

In Kerala "Vilakkennai" is available which is cheaper is used sometimes.

Coconut oil does not stay for long and dries up soon .

Earlier days , when the " மை" is used as eye liner , the soot from ghee oil lamp and gingelly oil lamp were preferred for their quality.

Now when lamps are lighted only for decorative show, all these do not matter.
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Lighting lamps with various types of oil brings us various types of fruits.

1. Gingelly oil- Will protect the whole family and keep the family relieved from all distress

2. Illuppai ennai- will brings the grace of kula deivatha

3. 5-kootu ennai- Will brings the grace of kula deivatha and also brings prosperity

4. Coconut oil- is ideal to get the grace of shri ganesha and will remove all obstacles.

5. Vilakku ennai- Will bring all the prosperity and remove the uthpathas (problems) created by unseen creatures like bootha, paishahsikas.

6. neem oil- is especially meant to get the grace of shakti.

of all, using cow ghee is the best, since it brings all these things together. The next is gingelly oil.

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