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North Americans

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nachi naga

By the way, I read that article by Sandhya Jain; as far as I know, Blacks have been voting since 1965 and I dont believe you need to change the constitution. However, she is right in asserting that we wil have to wait for a very long time to have a woman or Jewish President; forget about a Black president - it isn't going to happen in the immediate future. Yes, for a country bragging to be the most advanced country, people's minds are not advanced. On the other hand, India had a woman Prime Minister and many Chief Ministers. She is also right; Bobby Jindal got elected because he converted to Christianity; as a Hindu, he didn't have any chance at all.



I am so happy that American's elected a bi-racial President well qualified for the job of the President of USA.What a milestone sir.Maybe a woman president too in the near future.You can never take Americans or for that matter any human psyche for granted and come to a conclusion.

Maybe sir,you could run for office too,as an American citizen.Look forward to the day/night,when a TamBrahm is also elected,in the USA.Good Luck!

nachi naga.
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For all its glory, the USA has this gun culture; many think it is their fundamental right to own gun. They refer to the Second Amendment in the Constitution - the right to bear arms - which was enacted two hundred years ago). Even though most of the Americans are for strict gun controls, the very powerful NRA lobby (National Rifles Association) scares and intimates senators/Congressmen who would otherwise vote for stringent gun controls.

An Indian American professor has been shot dead in the USA yesterday

The Hindu : News / International : Indian American professor, two others shot dead at U.S. campus

Where is America heading?

what can a gun by itself do any harm to anybody.It's the people whose mind needs to educated,regarding how and when to use it.In self-defense,i think its queit appropriate to possess one,the founding father's of USA were indeed right,sir.

The new york times,has correctly reported about the whole incident,in context with the scientists behaviour.

nachi naga.
Dear Sri Nachi Naga:
Yeah! the cliche' they use here is: "guns don't kill people; people do". It is not a question of education but the mindset of many Americans that to bear arms is a fundamental right. Yes, the founding fathers did pass the Second Amendment but that was over 200 years ago when the USA was besieged with so many enemies. In today's context I am not sure if an average person should own a gun. The professor's case is the latest; how many times do we read in the papers of gun violence in schools, colleges, workplace?

By the way, Sri Nachi Naga, thank you very much for your confidence in me in running for public office! However, I don't think I am cut out for that!

<<<Maybe sir,you could run for office too,as an American citizen.Look forward to the day/night,when a TamBrahm is also elected,in the USA.Good Luck!>>>

Even though 200 years back it got enacted,people still have traditions.Its American tradition,i think.Sir,you ought to be fair,No american would like to see children handling guns,knives or any harm causing object,in schools,i am sure you will agree with me on this point.The scientist got insecure and must be serial killer to do what she has done.To me,she just got lucky and escaped punishment,with old case of killing her brother.

Aww,SF,so no TamBrahm in congress for sometime.Americans make things happen,so i am hopeful if not you,then maybe our dear Nara-the agnostic,the other American TamBrahm.

nachi naga.
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