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Nobody should have to prove their patriotism, says PM Modi in Rajya Sabha

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Amid the 'intolerance' debate, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said any incident of "atrocity" is a "blot" on the society as well as the nation whose "pain" should be felt by all and asserted that unity and harmony is the only way to take the country forward.
He said no questions can be raised over patriotism of any of the 125 crore Indians and nobody needs to produce a "certificate of patriotism", a statement that assumes significance as some people have make controversial remarks like asking dissenting people to 'go to Pakistan'.
Replying to a debate in Rajya Sabha on the Constitution, Modi underlined the 'mantra of ekta', saying there can be "many excuses for disintegration" in a diverse country like India but ways should be explored to keep the country united.
Adopting a conciliatory approach towards the opposition at a time when some crucial bills are stuck in the House, he pitched for bipartisan approach to all issues and decried attempts to introduce partisanship or politics in any issue concerning the nation.
In his 40-minute reply to the debate during which the government came under attack over 'intolerance', Modi said, "if there is any incident of atrocity against anybody, it is a blot on all of us, for the society as well as the nation. We should feel the pain and take this to ensure such things do not happen."
Though he did not specify any such incident, the statement may be seen a reference to the Dadri case where a Muslim man was lynched over beef-eating rumours.
"Unity and harmony is the tradition of India. We have to continue to explore reasons for strengthening the unity of the country. There will be many excuses for disintegration in a diverse country like India. It is our responsibility to unite people," the prime minister said.
"Nobody can raise questions over patriotism of the 125 crore citizens of the country. Nobody needs to give certificate of patriotism every now and then," he said.
This comes in the context of recent cases where some people, including from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, said those feeling unsafe like Aamir Khan should leave the country.
Asserting that the nation can be taken forward only through unity and harmony, Modi pitched for "equality and affection", saying, "There is a lot of strength in equality and affection... We have to recognise that the amount of power we have, others also have the same."
Contending that "enough fighting" has already taken place even between regions, he said he has a proposal to put in place a scheme 'Ek Bharat, Shresht Bharat' to strengthen the unity of the country.
Giving a glimpse of his idea which is still taking shape, he said the proposal could involve one state celebrating some other by holding annual festivals and learning languages.
Underlining that the country cannot move forward by 'tu tu, mai mai' (bickerings), Modi advocated the need for consensus while decrying the tendency to link everything to politics.
With several bills stuck in Rajya Sabha where the ruling National Democratic Alliance does not have adequate numbers, the prime minister reached out to its members saying the Upper House should work by rising above the question of partiality.

Should we take Modi speech at face value, or he speaks with forked to tongue?
Only dimwits will question sincerity of love for India by those NRIs living in other countries. Many if not all want to see India prosper even though they may not live in India (and may have no plan to live there even in their old age).
Shri a-TB ji,

No need to take exception on behalf of NRIs or PIOs, because the context of PM's talk was with reference to developments within India's borders only. In the normal course, NRIs & PIOs do not come into discussions about patriotism because it is expected that their first loyalty must be towards their country of adoption.

Shri Prasad ji,

I do not doubt PM is talking with a forked tongue. But his company is with RSS, BJP, VHP and so on and the political ideologies of all these outfits are 'peculiar' to put it mildly. Hence Shri Modi may not succeed completely in silencing all these outfits and their spokespersons or motor mouths during the period of this government. We will have to observe the actions of the government to judge how far the government helps and protects all these stray elements and then come to a final judgment.
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