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no wikipedia today :(

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i grew up with chambers 20th century dictionary. Not that I looked into it often, if ever at all.

But I cannot say the same thing about Wikipedia, which I probably refer atleast half a dozen times a day, if not more.

I have not been following the reasons behind wiki’s voluntary shut down today. All I know is that it is a sign of protest against some intended censorship in the usa. Knowing that land, I cannot imagine any censorship law that would affect the style of any information output. But there may be some hidden clauses that I was not aware of.

Now if this were only in india – say for example, in light of kapil sibal’s vows to censor facebook, and as a retaliatory measure, facebook decides to shut down for a day, nobody would be more happy than kapil, who would probably encourage that facebook show a strong sign of disapproval, and shut itself out of india for a week. Or for that matter permanently. No?

i grew up with chambers 20th century dictionary. Not that I looked into it often, if ever at all.

But I cannot say the same thing about Wikipedia, which I probably refer atleast half a dozen times a day, if not more.

Or for that matter permanently. No?


I use Wiki extensively too. My son is upset [rather worried about any permanent shutdowns!] as he gets the preview/schedules of his character shows. We have so much of updates/info across globe/history/civilizations etc. in Wiki. and do so in many links.

But, the internet security/privacy/piracy/cyber-crime has taken a big toll in many businesses, economy, country's security, intelligence hacking etc. [Steve Jobs was smart and selfish! but not many freewares]. Countries like Arabs, China are so careful about sharing their info. but had been quick to dig down the America, India's knowledge bases and make big profits. So, the bill should focus on the 'Economical/Research' security within the country's boundaries.
SOPA and PIPA are the legislation they are protesting. They would give corporations incredible power to censor nearly anything related to what is considered their Intellectual Property. It is incredibly loosely worded (purposefully) and therefore incredibly easy for them to abuse. It is in effect censorship and Wikipedia is a prime example of how that abuse could be directed. If they (a corp.) doesn't consider a wikipedia entry "official" then they could remove or lock it and end the collaborative nature of Wikipedia altogether.
thanks boston.

who is initiating this? or what particular instance caused this to be legislated? if you dont mind.

thank you.
The lobby is being put forth and paid for primarily by American media companies in the name of limiting piracy. It's a huge mess that can extend all the way to auditing internet traffic flows through ISP's. It very dangerous for us all. Let us hope and pray it does not pass if for no other reason for privacy's sake.

Anytime! Thank you for caring! It's an Internet we all share! :-D
Can't do without wiki: indian students complain.

- With bank recruitment and other government exams approaching, we are finding it difficult to prepare for the same.

- We cannot submit our assignments and dissertations within the deadline.

- We depend on the site for crucial inputs every day- bio technology Ph.D student

- If the black out continues for long, the students will find it difficult to cope - Director of an engineering college.

I am reminded of an old british tv joke - the old ladies were rendered homeless today; all the bingo halls were closed.
well well well, apparently the protests worked. per this toronto globe report today.

i just cannot believe how our lives, all over the world, has changed, since internet, and wikipedia. no one can afford encyclopedia brittanica (EB), but today, thanks to the net, even EB is available in limited form for free.

and wiki, to me it is a ready reference. not all of what is found there may be true, but but they are arguable and provide some info, which is better than nothing.

in my days in madras, only the british council and usis libraries had half decent, with the council any day superior to any library in south india. i dont know, now with the proliferation of the net, whether these have lost their popularity among college students.

Facing online protest, U.S. lawmakers retreat on piracy bills - The Globe and Mail
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