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'No Religion' for Israeli Man

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In a historic judgement, an isareli man won the right to be officially registered as "No Religion" -- Israeli wins right to 'no religion' - The Times of India

Maybe Yoram Kaniuk is not the only one frustrated by what strict adherence to religion can bring. I suppose this makes sense for a region raved by wars. Lets see what this trend can bring.

There is nothing strange about this. After all the God of the Israelites never made any Religion. The word 'Judaism', a misnomer, was coined by the Englishman to refer to the faith system of the Israelites, which is based on what is popularly referred to as 'Old Testament' of which the first five books, which form the core of their beliefs, is referred to as the Torah. The God of the Israelites who gave them His law through His chosen servant Moses, during their period of wilderness, never gave anything that can be termed as Religion. After all the word Religion, with other 'ism's, including Hinduism, is a coinage of the English man, who has the habit of naming anything and everything. While this naming has worked out good on many issues, it has had its share of evil too. After God never made any Religion. Nor does God require of man to follow some Religion to know Him, to come to Him. But our mind has been programmed over the ages to believe that Religion is an inevitable means to understand God and fulfill His purpose for us in our lives.

Indeed Religion has been the stumbling block for man to reach God, to realize God, to know God, to understand God. That is an altogether different topic of discussion indeed and I do not want to elaborate on that in this thread.

But I trust, at least henceforth, saner counsel will prevail upon all men, to separate God from Religion and vice versa.

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We also say hinduism is not a religion but a way of life; but we have many mathams - vaishnavam, saivam and many more that form subsets in the grand set of 'sanatana dharma'.
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