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No political discussions in GD

Not open for further replies.
Hi. Where is the politics sub-forum please? There are quite a few things I want to talk about which I feel Brahmins of TN *MUST* know. Please keep aside all this 'politeness, decency, etc' rubbish and be a man...even the women. There are some hard things we need to embrace, and know about, especially the new-gen. These are things nobody will help us with. It is a task for Brahmins of TN alone.

Let's make a rule like 'no propaganda for any party or ideology', but tackling those parties/movements (well, you know who) who explicitly spew hate against Brahmins Makes sense, right? No hitting, but taking cognizance of those who hit us. Maybe its a good idea to be blind to all that and go about our ways, but there must be at least minimum political awareness.

I want to post about one or two things. Please tell me where the 'politics' sub-forum is.
Those who are interested in the political discussions, need to go to account preferences (here) and opt-in to view political discussions.

This way, those who only want will now see the political discussion group and all others will not see it.

Ok but I don't know how this works. I can't seem to find a separate sub forum for politics. Is there one, or will the admins mark a particular thread as 'political', which will make it invisible for others?

I just want to post one or two important posts.
Please follow the above instructions to get access to the political section.
Not open for further replies.

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