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No meat, no sex, pure thoughts: prescription to pregnant women for healthy baby

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[FONT=&quot]Don’t eat meat, say no to sex after conception, avoid bad company, have spiritual thoughts and hang some good and beautiful pictures in your room to have a healthy baby.[/FONT]
This is ministry of Ayush’s prescription for pregnant women in India, where 26 million babies are born each year.[/FONT]

Put together by the government-funded Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (PDF,159 KB), whose website describes yoga and naturopathy as “the good old Indian traditional systems of health care having the history of centuries”, the recommendations are part of a booklet called Mother and Child Care. The booklet was released by minister of state for Ayush Shripad Naik in the run-up to International Day for Yoga on June 21.[/FONT]

Naik could not be reached for comments. Both his mobile phones were switched off.

At least this advice comes free. Last month, the Jamnagar-based Garbhvigyan Anusandhan Kendramade news for charging couples to conceive the “best progeny” through purification (shuddhikaran), having sex on auspicious days and abstinence after conception.[/FONT]

“The advice is unscientific. Protein-deficiency malnutrition and anaemia are health concerns for pregnant women and meats are a great source of both protein and iron, which is better absorbed from animal sources than plant sources,” says senior gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr Malavika Sabharwal with Jeewan Mala Hospital and Nova Specialty Hospitals of the Apollo Healthcare Group.[/FONT]

As for sex, if the pregnancy is normal, there is no need for abstinence as the baby in the womb is protected by the amniotic fluid and the uterus muscles.[/FONT]

“Caution is advised during the first trimester when the placenta is low-lying and for complicated pregnancies, where there is a miscarriage risk,” says Dr Suneeta Mittal, director of the obstetrics and gynaecology at Fortis Gurgaon.[/FONT]

Some studies show
that the mother’s stress, anxiety and depression may affect the baby’s development.[/FONT]

“Pregnant women need to be happy and instead of being prescriptive about what they should think and do to be happy, we must urge them to do things they enjoy and strongly advise the family be to supportive,” says Sabharwal.

Mr. Naik,

Why do we keep inventing square wheels?
We could easily "acquire" round wheels.

During prenatal care, your doctor or midwife can find any health problems that may come up. A midwife is a health professional who provides health care during pregnancy and helps women during labor (childbirth).Get regular prenatal checkups.

Schedule a visit with your doctor or midwife as soon as you know you're pregnant, or think you might be. You'll need many checkups with your doctor or midwife during your pregnancy. Don't miss any – they are all important.
Be sure to get all the medical tests that your doctor or midwife recommends. Early treatment can cure many problems and prevent others.
Take steps to have a healthy pregnancy.

To keep you and your baby healthy, it's important that you:

  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Eat healthy foods and get enough folic acid.
  • Stay active.
  • Take steps to prevent infections.
Well..I am vegetarian.

When I was pregnant I made sure NO pics of any cute babies were anywhere cos I preferred to have no external influence hence I saw my face regularly in the mirror!LOL

Yes..sex during pregnancy is accepted medically if there are no complications BUT on a personal note I dont believe in sex during pregnancy cos why subject the fetus to intra uterine porn of parents..cos personally I feel lust has a subtle effect on a fetus.
Said no to meat, not sex: Ayush ministry on booklet advising pregnant women

This publication has been in distribution through the units of the erstwhile Department of Ayush and Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN) since 2013,” said the clarification.

The clarification further says: “The suggestion that non-vegetarian food may be avoided (as yoga & naturopathy doesn’t advocate non-vegetarian food in its practice) has been singled out for highlighting in some reports,” but claims it did not recommend women say no to sex after conception.
“This is far from the truth. In fact, the words ’no sex’ do not feature at all in the booklet,” reads the clarification.

The Minister has clarified that No sex is not part of the Ministry's advice...Also this so called note is in public domain since 2013 not something created out of thin air now!!

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