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No 'kamokarishith japam' for sama vedins?

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kamokarishith japam

Kamo karshith japam is done for not perfroming praichittam for sandyavandhanam. It is a japa during gayatri by saying "KAMO KARSHIT MANURAKARASHIT NAMAHA" praying god to give control of senses such as kama, krodha, moha, lopa etc. to attain moksha.
every brahmin during gayatri japam should chant this.
In a audio tape that I have for sama veda upakarma I don't see mention of 'kamokarishith japam' which is typically performed as a "praichittam' for not doing sandhya vandhanam. Are sama vedins exempt from doing kamokarishith japam?

It comes between upasthanam and dikvandanam. I dont know about samavedam. Anyhow, tit simply means that we are worshipping sages who conquered lust and anger. It means us that we should also follow them...

Kamokarshith Manyurakarshith Namo Namaha
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