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Ninth Avataram

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The ninth avataram of Lord Vishnu has been popularly accepted by most Hindus as Lord Balaraman,however owing to popularity attained by Guru Srila Parbhupada there is a cross-section of people who claim its Gautama Buddha.While the Sanathana Dharma connection is obvious for me at least,when it comes to Abraham & Sara,of the Jewish faith,who are none other than Lord Brahmaa & Goddess Saraswathi,but only a minority of people sort of accept this view.

But i am also intrigued that our forefathers deliberately downplayed the importance of worshipping Lord Brahmaa,as there is just a couple of temples in India,which promotes Lord Brahmaa worship.

I also feel,the jewish people,have been persecuted,for this connection with Lord Brahmaa,just as Hitler mis-used the Swastika,one of the religious symbol of Sanathana Dharma,for global domination.The German Christians got massacred,so did the jews,in various parts of the world.


Is there any probable religious retribution,for these religions namely,Judaism,Christanity,Islam for mis-using Lord Brahmaa when anagrammed becoming Abraham.Which today is popularly known as Abrahamic faith?

Would appreciate,individual perceptions on this,idea?


brahmaji created the world using vedas, would he himself abuse that?

brahmaji created the world using vedas, would he himself abuse that?

Life is a continuous journey.What we thought yesterday is irrelevant today,and what we think today is irrelevant in the future and so on...but Sanatana Dharma is eternal as it was it is and will be in the future...a dynamic doctrine.

Not open for further replies.

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