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New York sri,sri-Maha Vallabha Ganapathy Temple Maha Kumbhabhishekam

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New York Flushing sri-sri-Maha Vallabha Ganapathy Temple was renovated ,expanded at a cost of U.S.$ 4.0 million(20 crore rupees) from 2007--in Phase -I & II-The crown jewel of renovation was -the construction of a 18 granite pillard Mandapam in the newly acquired area.Each pillar is adorned with one form of sri.Ganapathy(18 sri.Ganapathys).The granite Garbha Grahams of Lord Siva and Lord Arumuga Swami were carved-out in Tamil Nadu,brought by sea and re-assembled here by Sthapathis .Entire flooring is done newly in granite.The entire walls on the west,and east sides,Vimaanams,roof were constructed entirely new.
The Garbha Grahams of Lord Venkateswara and Sri.Lakshmi are yet to arrive from India.

After 10 days of Extensive Siva Aagama and Vedic rites,on Monday,July ,13 th,2009 at 10.45 A.M. the Kumba Abhishekam for Siva Parivaaram and renovted portions of the Temple was performed with a lot of devotion.Thousands of Hindu devotees from all States of India,Nepal,Sri-Lanka and West Indies(British Gunea & Surinam)--who permanently and temporarily reside in USA-in Tri-States and other parts of USA had the Bhagyam of Dharsan of Kumba Abhishekam.Anna Dhaanam was given in the last 2-3 days.Nadhaswaram party from Canada,Elephant from Connecticut, additional Sivachariars and Stapathys from Tamil Nadu- added glory to the function.A Sanyasi (Sankaracharya) was advising the Yaga saala and abhishekam proceedures.

Last Kumbabhishekam was done in 1977(32 years back)-when sri.Ala-Alagappan was the Chairman of the administrative committee and after 32 years the second Kumba Abhishekam is celeberated.This time the illutrious Dr.Uma Mysorekar,M.D.(USA)-Leading Gynecolgist & Obstetrician(Dr.Uma is a Tamil Brahmin),chairman of Temple committe and President of Hindu Temples Association of North America was organising the entire renovation and Kumba Abhishekam--meticulous planner and implementer.Most Rev.the Pope of Vatican invited her to participate in an All Religious representatives' meeting of USA.

During the last days of the function,thousands of devotees were in the temple only,feeling as if it is their house function.

In phase III a majestic Rajagopuram on the entrance(Northern gate) is planned and under progress.
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