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'New Year'

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Well. Most of us would have ‘celebrated’ the New Year on 1st Jan 2011. Many would have even been awake at the dawn and would have (ironically) gone to sleep as soon as the New Year began. Many would have ‘cheered’ the New Year with alcohol and parties! I am definitely not a fundamentalist. But I am only putting the clock back when I was at school. The Tamil calendar would show 1st January as “CHRISTIAN new year”. Slowly the phrase was conveniently changed to just show “New Year” as if it is New Year to everyone. And Hindu temples, in blatant violation of shastras, are open at midnight for ‘New Year’. And now people are wishing ‘everyone’ a ‘Merry Christmas’ as if it is a universal festival. Have we ever wished everyone a ‘Happy Rama Navami’? Do we dare to do it? Isn’t this a western influence? Isn’t this a mesmerized state? This reflects the callousness of Hindus to their culture and tradition. Added to this is the hypocrisy of our politicians who plat politics with Tamil New Year! How many of us know the Tamil years? How many of us know our birthday by the Tamil month and Nakshatiram? My parents used to greet me only on my star birthday. Even though we are overseas, we celebrate the birthday of our children on their star birthday too. If we don’t bother to keep up our culture and tradition, who would? If we neglect our customs, who would safeguard them? Let us resolve that we would at all times be proud of our culture and would cherish it and pass it on to the next generation.

Loka samasta sukhino bavantu.
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I appreciate every word in your quote.

Now a days slowly our Prestigious Culture,Heritage is dis appearing.Many friends of this Noble Forum has exposed about this in many headings.

When I was a Small Boy ( now I am 52) New Year was just an Ordinary Event.Only Tamil New Year ( Apr 14) will be celebrated with Pride and Joy.

" Kani Kaanal " as and when got up from Bed in the morning in front of Pooja Rooms will be strictly followed almost in all Hindus Houses.

That Prestigious Culture Completely dis appeared today. Instead of that " Alcohol Kaanal " is observed at Mid Night during every New Year.

New Year ( Apr 14 ) Endrale......" Rangoli Kolam Pootu .... Kole Attam adum Young Agraharam girls..." eppothum En Ninaivukku varum...

Eppo ( Jan 1 st ) Thanni Adichittu Peyattam aadum boys and girls... athuvum Mid Night Party...

Ketkave Koosudu...
I agree and share your feelings. As per Our Dharma Sastra's There is no Prayschitha specified for consuming Alcohol other than self death. I am an employee in MNC and feel too bad with the behaviour of present day youth in Majority. Fortunately in My Company we have a Group of Brahmin youth Who are currently in Nama sankeerthana for years from their childhood and we had spent the new year day with Sampradhaya Bajan followed by a Divya Nama Sankeerthana and a Radha Kalyana Utsavam on 1 st jan Morning. Even though i am not interested in The English new year celebration from my childhood , i consider the past jan 1 as an oppurtunity to have a good Namasankeerthanam.

I consider this forum as an opportunity to Make an Appeal to Parents to teach our habits and culture to the children , not only in words, but in practice. Please dont think that our culture habits like Sandhyavandhanam ,Samitha dhanam , Brahma yagnam, Namasankeerthanam etc will ruin the ""Precious"" Time for education.

Please take this as a "NEW YEAR PROPOSAL" to do Sandhyavandhanam and include yourself and your family in religious activities.
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Very true. It is heartening to note that there are true brahmin boys even in MNCs. Good job. A man is known by his/her character. Culture plays a major role in shaping the character. We are lucky to have been born as brahmins. Let us keep up our tradition and not fall a prey to the western and ill influences.

Loka samasta sukhino bavantu.
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