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new to mantras

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I would like to start chanting Japa as part of my daily spiritual practice, could anyone recommend a mantra?

This question should be answered by an expert.I am sure many will advise you soon.
I am not an expert but on a personal note I feel it is better to start of with something simple cos simplicity always produces the best in us.

I have no idea which forms of divinity you are more inclined toward too but there is no harm choosing either

1)Om Namah Shivaya
2)OM Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.
I would like to start chanting Japa as part of my daily spiritual practice, could anyone recommend a mantra?

Although the culminating point in hinduism is that there is only one Supreme being, it is usual to start off with a pantheon of divinities. So there is the concept of Ishta devata (or translated as favourite deity) like Ganesha or Shiva or Vishnu or Lakshmi or Ambaa or Krishna etc.

If you have any such ishta devata it would be better if you start your spiritual practice with the japa of that devata. Generally many of the hindus begin the prayers addressed to Lord Ganesha as he is supposed to be ward off the obstacles in the path of sadhana.
Dear Mr.Stephen,

Somewhere in another post Mr.Anand Manohar had suggested you to read thru the book search in Secret india by Paul Burnton. As he(PB) had gone thru you will also find a true guru who will guide you. As Renuka maam has put it u can start with something simple... i also started with simple ganesh mantra.My best wishes to you & maharishi Arunachala may guide you.
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