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New company claims they'll be able to RESURRECT THE DEAD by 2045

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So, Josh Bocanegra wants to act Jesus Christ and resurrect the dead!

[h=1]New company claims they'll be able to RESURRECT THE DEAD by 2045[/h][h=3]ENTREPRENEUR Josh Bocanegra says his new company Humai area aiming to bring the dead back to life[/h]By Kat Romero
PUBLISHED: 14:23, Sat, Jan 2, 2016 | UPDATED: 16:06, Sat, Jan 2, 2016
Entrepreneur Josh Bocanegra attracted a lot of attention when he announced his new artificial intelligence company Humai.
Why? Because he claims that by 2045, they'll be able to resurrect the dead
The new company are aiming to “extend and enhance life" by freezing human brains for extended periods of time using cryonics, a deep freezing technology using very low temperatures, and then putting them into artificial bodies.
But Josh claims the company's ultimate goal is to preserve a human brain BEFORE a person dies.
He claims if they were able to transplant a live person’s brain into a bionic body, than it would “achieve a point where no one has to die at all.”
Josh hopes to accomplish this in the next 30 years.
Responding to any criticism he and the company may face over their shocking proposal, he says: “There are promising breakthroughs happening every year in neuroscience and biotechnology.”
“We plan to implement [these breakthroughs] as we work towards performing the first surgical procedure of restoring and implanting a human brain to a new bionic body.”

Tech giant Google has previously said they believed science could make it possible for people to live until they are 500.
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