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New book on India and China

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Vary interesting to read.

Let me reproduce one para ..."But it will take India many years to build the highways, power plants, and airports needed to rival China in mass manufacturing. With Beijing now pushing software and pledging intellectual property rights protection, some Indians fret design work will shift to China to be closer to factories."....

What really foxes us is, why our Leaders don't wake up to the fact that massive investment is required in infrastructure, specially, roads, water supply , electricity etc. A few IT parks in most cities can not solve the basic deficiencies of pathetic infrastructure.

Poor Roads and huge pot holes every where is what we come across all over the country. I don't think we lack the ability or the funds to spend on making good roads, what is lacking is the will to acquire land in public interest, widen the existing roads and make better roads.

Similarly, our political leadership must get out of the "free electricity dole syndrome". It neither helps the farmers nor is helping the ailing electricity boards.
Dear Friend,

We can list the reasons for our failure in developing infra-structure
facilities. I agree with you that we have both funds and skilled manpower
to build good facilities. But we lack political will to do it.

Firstly, the plan allocation has been poor in the past and only recently it
has been jacked up. Secondly, out of the allocated funds a substantial
part goes into the pockets of politicians. Thirdly, the contractors
engaged are either related to the people in power or their friends. They
buy sub-standard material and other inputs and complete the job
without having any regard to its quality and durability. These works
are inspected and approved by the bureaucrats, who also get some
quid pro quo. Fourthly, the contractors are interested in getting further
maintenance work which is possible only if the original work is below
standard. Fifthly, the politicians buy in advance the properties which
would come for development under the plan so that they can get a
hefty amount as compensation.

Thus you will see that it is only a question of poverty of character on
the part of the people in power which is the cause for this deplorable
Dear Sirs ,
May be India lag behind China in creating infrastructures and other things but one thing we should understand is our's is a democratic country , and any new ventures in India should pass lot of hurdles .Unlike China where all the rulers act like military rulers , though it is a communist nation , in India we have to go with the people trying not to make much hardship to the people who are displaced by theses projects . Inspite of all the hurdles we should really be proud about what India is today and definitely one day we will be in top .
Dear Mr.Sriram,
agreed. Surely we will have to take care of the interests of the poor
people who might be displaced due to the developmental schemes.
But the problem lies with the politicians. They take advantage of the
situation to further their interests only. This is what I have said.
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