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neeyaa naana - students today and teachers today

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not about sex or elopement. this one about students...and believe it or not, the caste aspect arises here too..surprisingly!

..and then they started discussing about teacher misbehaviour...towards female students, female teachers' dilemma...too bad in this site there is only upto part 5.

THIS IS PROBABLY AMONG THE MOST EXCITING NEEYAA NAANAA! though i think, gopinath shows his bias here..pro student !

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i would like to add a wee bit more about this episode.

half way through the show, one girl student, accused one of the male teachers sitting across, of having harassed another female contestant, during the preliminary screening process. which elicited an apology from another teacher, who explained that the said teacher was known to be social in nature, and such (many of the teachers appear to know each other, which makes me suspect that both the teachers and students come from the same college?)

a student accused the teachers of caste bias - which was agreed to by some teachers..நம்ம ஊர் பைய்யந்தானே attitude apparently prevails among some teachers. this only made me remember, in one of the forums that i previously attended, where someone accused the teachers of rubbing the shoulders of the boys, in order to search the poonals ...

finally, the most poignant piece. a female teacher addressed the issue of sexism among the male students - she plained that she could neither face the students sideways (for fear of her sari thalappu or dupatti exposing her breasts) or back (comments about her hindside). in many instances, male students take pix and pass it through mms or facebook.

what was surprising, to a point, all the students rose up, and apolgized. apparently this is a big work hazard for female college teachers, and what was heartening, was the group assertion by the students, not only to stop such behaviour from themselves, but also take action against anyone else observed doing this.

Dear Kunjuppu

I saw this episode of 'Neeya Naana' along with my husband and children.

My children were shocked and felt it unbelievable that students could take photos (let alone use them at class) of their teachers and worse post them on facebook. Using mobile phones at school is against the school rules and it would be confiscated and taking photos of teachers and posting on websites is illegal and would lead to being banned from the school, in other western countries!

Regarding teachers not 'teaching' them and merely reading out the exact text from the book and not stopping there but insisting them to write it down - this has happened to me in my uni days! It is really annoying! We had only a handful of teachers who did the proper job of teaching!

About the female teachers' plight regarding the issue of sexism, it is pathetic! I personally think it has to do with the overall society's thinking. No use just blaming students.

Anyway, that was one more interesting episode! :)
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