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Need some help

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I have been asked to chant the Narayana Ashtakshari Manthra for the well being of my mother (she has undergone the 3rd orthopedic surgery in the last 3 years) for she has very weak bones and muscles. I am supposed to chant this manthra 10000 times in the coming few months. Searching on the internet I get different texts at different sites, so I am turning to you guys for help. Can you please give me the text for this mantra or point me in the right direction? A book would make my life easy in terms of being able to chant it by seeing it !


Not to worry about getting a book!

''Om NamO NArAyanAya'' is THE 'ashtAkshari mathrA'. (The eight lettered, powerful manthra)

You can chant it 100 times in roughly 8, even at a slow speed.

So, you need one hour of chanting for 13 to 14 days ONLY.

Praying for your mother's speedy recovery!

Mrs. Raji Ram
Thank you very much. That is what I thought too but I was getting confused as there was no one authoritative source that confirmed what you have stated.

Can you please see this video - youtube.com/watch?v=qcqoapSmtVQ - this is 3 minute long and this would take a really long time to chant 10000 times, this also as per the title is the ashtakshara mantra.....

Thank you for the clarification.
On you tube there is a 2:56 minute video calling it as moola mantra. It is fairly long and saying that 10000 times would take a long time. I am not able to post that link as I am a new member, can you please check that video and let me know if that has anything to do with it.

Thanks for your help.


I have viewed that vedio already.

Please don't worry! My family sAsthrigaL confirmed that

'Om NamO NArAyaNaya is the ashtAkshari mantrA.

Please chant it for one hour, for two weeks. :)
Thank you very much for the reconfirmation, this help is most appreciated!
Will start the chanting soon and complete it as per your advice.

Once again, thanks for all the help :)

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