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Need participation, transnational families, NRI living in Toronto and edlerly care

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Hello everyone !!

I am French PhD student in social geography. I have long been interested in patterns supported the elderly and family solidarity.
I chose to focus specifically on transnational families Indian Brahmins in particular. (connection between chennai and abroad).

I actually had the opportunity to understand how the joint family was important for the Brahmins. Even in complex family situations, such as transnational families, a strong sense of connection and belonging to one family seems to exist.

The first part of my study of transnational families Indian Brahmins led me first to aging parents in Chennai located in retirement [COLOR=#DA7911 ! important][COLOR=#DA7911 ! important]homes[/COLOR][/COLOR] or at home. I met a total of 59 people, I stayed several weeks in a nursing home in Chennai.

I am interested in developing partnerships and personal services sector of care dedicated to the elderly. It seems that the community is particularly NRI customer of such service.

Therefore I am led to the second part of my thesis to meet with NRI to understand how the transnational family experience is lived by children, and what are the issues to have aging parents in India.
In this way,I would have a global perception of transnational families Brahmins.

In material terms, I will make a three-week stay in Toronto (Canada) during April 2011 for fieldwork activities.

The aim of this visit is to meet NRI families whom parents are still living in india ( or parents join the NRI families to live with) in order to conduct interviews.
This may include NRI whose parents are aging in India (Chennai preferred) or NRI who have chosen to bring their parents to Toronto for the entire year or only part.

That's why I do contact this wonderfull TamBrahm network. I need your help and your support in this research programm to show how the Brahmin families is able to adjust the life and keep a strong sense of joint families even across miles.

I need to contact a few families to meet there.
I would be very grateful to all of you, if you could help me get in touch with some NRI settled in Toronto. (As I have said, I will be in Toronto in April 2011.)

I guess that's asking a lot but I'm in the last phase of my thesis and I really need these information to understand the whole process.

I have already enjoyed the confidence, listening and support 60 families in Chennai. They were kind enough to help me in my doctoral process.

I made the bet to successfully meet both parts of these transnational families (parents and children), which is why I particularly chose the Brahmins in my study.
So I hope to count on your community to successfully complete my thesis.

So if you want to help me complete this research by helping me to meet some NRIs in Toronto
you can contact me in private at the following address [email protected]
If you want more information about my thesis or my personal background, feel free to contact me, I'd be happy to respond.

I would be very grateful if you could help me in my work and me in this [COLOR=#DA7911 ! important][COLOR=#DA7911 ! important]research[/COLOR][/COLOR] on transnational families Brahmins.

I remain at your disposal for further information
I look forward to meeting you in April and I sincerely hope that this call for participation will be heard.

Thank you for your time, your trus,

Best regards

Mathilde Plard
University of d'Angers
Laboratoire ESO-CARTA
5bis, Bd Lavoisier
49045 - Angers Cedex
Dear Mathilde Plard,

Mr. Kunjuppu- a veteran and the most popular person in this forum - had

offered to help you. He lives in Toronto. Professor Nara and Mr. K.R.S. live

in U.S.A. They too are willing to help you.

There are many more members living abroad and I am sure that they all

will help you with any information you need about Trans National


You may send personal messages or approach them though this thread.

Good Luck in your efforts!

with best wishes,
Visalakshi Ramani.
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