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Nayaki Bhava >> attaining God

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I have read:
Beyond the six chakras in this body, there is a seventh chakra. The first three chakras are male chakras, the next three are female chakras. People who practice yoga can understand this.
Men lose themselves very easily in the petty pleasures of the world. Women exhibit a sense of poised control. Women have some initial difficulty in crossing the first three chakras. Men can climb these chakras easily. The fourth, fifth and sixth chakras are female chakras. This is where the Kundalini Shakthi is present. When women cross the third chakra, they can make a leap from the fourth chakra. Men cannot attain it so easily. That is why women are able to get into that Bhavam very easily.
So much substance in this simple statement! It is easy to attain God when you nurture feminine qualities. A person went to Sri Paramacharya and said, 'I am observing all rituals strictly and doing Govinda Upasana, but am not able to see Him yet'. Paramacharya laughed, 'Dress up in a saree, assume the character of a woman and pray to Him. You will attain Govinda very soon'. If you assume the Nayaka-Nayaki bhava, you will reach Govinda soon. This is not a subject for ridicule.
Paramacharya looked upon God with that bhava. Nammazhwar sought God by imagining himself as His Nayaki. Thirumangai Azhwar assumed the NayakiBhava. Andal, being a girl, fitted very easily into the NayakiBhava. Did not Andal attain the Lord? All that Andal did was to look upon the Lord as her Husband and wear the garlands meant for Him. She did not seclude herself in the forest or do penance. She did not learn any mantras. She did nothing, except to Love.
I pointed out a synchronization of thought between Vallalar and Andal. Vallalar says, 'there is a house with nine gates. The thieves bribe the watchman, find the way to enter, break the lock, extinguish the lamp and steal the sleeping child'. Vallalar cries, 'O Lord! Are You deaf that You cannot hear my wails of agony protesting against the theft? Are You not bound by any doctrines of Dharma (Justice)? The thieves of worldly desires have entered into the gates of my body by bribing the watchman called the mind, broke open the lock of knowledge, put out the light of Wisdom and have stolen the child called the Soul. O Lord! I am crying for You. Is it not reaching Your Ears?' He assumed the role of a child and pleaded with Nataraja to save his soul from being stolen by the worldly temptations. His stand was: 'The cradle is being robbed' - 'My soul is being burgled by the thieves called illusion'.
Andal also wept, She wept that the Lord was not stealing her bed. Vallalar cried that the cradle was being stolen, whereas Andal protested that her bed was not being stolen. Vallalar cried that the illusions (maya) of the world were stealing the soul, Andal was in remorse that the Lord of those illusions (Mayavan) was not stealing her.
What a vast difference! One is trying to prevent the theft, whereas the other is yearning for the theft to happen. That is the bliss inlaid in the NayakiBhava. It will not exclude anything as not required. Take on the Lord as your Nayaka and crave for His attention like Andal did, like Meera did. Then you will very soon attain the Ultimate. The Paramaathma is The Only Male; all others are females.

Dear Sundaram Ji,

In this world everything is Prakriti and there is only One Purusha.
So even the "males" in this world are all "females" only.

The Prakriti(Jeevatma) is eternally wedded to Purusha(Paramatma) in the Sahasrara Chakra.
So everyone whether born male or female in this world is entiltled to this state.

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Dear Uncle

Kundalini is not residing in chakras at all. It is residing below the sixth chakra. The sadhaka has to make it wake and travel through all the chakras. SO I think there is no descrimination about the gender. In Madurai, there was a saint named, "nadana gopala nayagi swamigal". He lived as a female only to attain the feet of krishna. He is a sourashtra brahmin. He has composed so many songs in the nayagi bhava.

Even some researchers are saying that, Andal itself is an imaginary daughter of periazhwar and he himself attained the nayagi bhava and wrote those verses.

The saivite Manickavasagar's thiruvempavai is an excellent work to describe the nayagi bhava.

... Even some researchers are saying that, Andal itself is an imaginary daughter of periazhwar and he himself attained the nayagi bhava and wrote those verses.

DD, this sounds quite interesting. Do you have any references handy? If so, please PM it to me, or post it here.

Thanks and best regards....
Respectable forum members,

I have a doubt. What happened to Andal? From my childhood I always doubted that she just vanished in Perumal sannithi. As of today I am not able to visualise that concept. Can any one shed some light in that matter, please? Thanks.

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