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Nava Bridhavanam, Anegundhi.

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In Kaliyuga, we have blessed by many Mahans of Bharatha Desam. There is a place called Nava Brindavanam, situated in Anegundhi, Koppal District, Karnataka State (neasr Hampi). During the Narasimha Avatharam period, Praghalathan performed thavam in the small hill surrounded by rivers. Afterwards, the Madhwa Saint Vyasarajar find the place for his Brindvana Parvesam along with other 8 saints in a different periods. Ranganathar and Hanuman Sanathis are also there. We have visited the place during 2006 and got the blessing. It is easy to reach from Bangalore, Gundakkal, Cuddapah. From Bangalore to Hubli route by Hampi Express, We have get down at Hospet and to take room in the Lodges and then proceed to Anegundhi by Car. In Anegundhi we have to visit Raghavendra Mutt and informed them to go to Nav Bridhavanam. They have guided furhter.
I wish the others also to get the darshan.
Dear Shri Mohan,

Are all these Nava Brindhavan in ONE PLACE OR IN NEAR by places in Anegundhi. in Koppal Karnataka? And also mention pl. if it is not, the places to access the places.

thanking U ,


I too have heard about it. My relatives went to that place after visiting Mantralayam.
I am told that Anegundhi is around 180 kms from Mantralayam. This is a very holy
place. I was told that there a number of pujaries who perform the poojas in the
Brindavan. One of them, if I am correct is, Sri Narasimha Char or so. The contact
number of the Manager of the Nava Brindavanam is 08533 267733. We do not know
whether the telephone number holds good. In fact it is an island in between two branches
of rivers as explained above, perhaps between Koppal and Bellary Districts. Temples
of Sri Ranganathar and Sri Anjaneyar is worth visiting.

Mrs Melu,
Thanks for showing the interest of the divine place. All the nine Acharays Jeva Brindavanam (samadhi) is in the same place, apart from Yadhothkara Hanumn, Ranganathar Sanathi.. It is easy to go from Hospet through car and you can see Sabari's Pdham (The Ramayana Ssabri who is waiting for Rama. We have seen the Sabari's Padham. We may also seen Anjanathri Hill nearby enroute to Nava Brindavanam.
Best Wishes.
Shivaaya Namaha,
I am going to Anegundi every month and till now i have gone more than 30 times.... We could never find such a calm and highly vibrated place. Raghavendra , during his Prahaladha avatar have did thapas here. And also his previous avatar Vyasa Ra(j)yar's samadhi is in between these Brindavans. There is sannadhi for hanuman - avadaarithraya hanuman which means three avatars of hanuman. Beema , Madhvacharya and hanuman all the three put together in one idol. Superb statue. And also a ranganathar shrine opposite to this. And one more Anjaneyar by name Jaakrathai hanuman shrine. To come around the nine brindavans (all are jeeva samadhis) and sit and meditate is a superb experience in life time. And a lot to tell , I will give it in my later posts...
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