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Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy

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Till recently no one knows why there is Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy. But Vedas quotes about this.

At the time of pregnancy the air from the womb is forcefully pushed out from the womb causing nausea and vomiting.

The fetus formation is in a vacuum area!, and fetus cleans the womb so that it stays there for 9 months.
The unwanted elements are pushed out.
' science of the progress of pregnancy,'a particular head or subject in medical works. Garbhiny-avekshana, am, n. midwifery attendance and care of pregnant women and newborn infants.
garbhanda, as, m. (fr. garbha and andaf), enlargement of the navel.
Garbha-lakshana, as, d, am, observing the signs of the rainy season ; (am), n. symptom of pregnancy
; N. of the twenty-first AdhySya of Varaha-mihira's
Brihat-samhita treating on the marks or signs of the rainy season.
Garbha-lambhana, am, n.
the abode of the fetus, the womb. Garbha-vayu,us, m. air in the womb.
The exact cause of nausea & vomiting in pregnancy is due to rapid changes in hormone levels.these fluctations will cause changes in the muscle contraction& relaxation patternsof the stomach & intestines, leading to nausea 7 vomiting. studies have also shown that nausea is severe when blood sugar level is low
Abstract Morbid diseases:
The present generation of the women wishes to conceive their child without undergoing certain problems such as Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy as they feel it is nuisance that gets attraction from others. Fearing this many woman in the modern world particularly in U.S.A. and Europe prefers surrogate mother and pays huge amount. Psychologically these children are less affectionate to their biological mother. To overcome this many tried for medicines and arrived at wrong diagnosis. Till recently no one knows why there is Nausea and Vomiting during Pregnancy. But Vedas quotes about this. At the time of pregnancy the air from the womb is forcefully pushed out from the womb crosses throat and attacks brain, causing nausea and vomiting. The air in the uterus at the time of pregnancy is identified as Garbha Vaayu in Vedic literatures.
If we can push the air as belching there won’t be any nausea and vomiting. For this we are to produce heat in the uterus, which digests the food and pushes out the excreta as stool. For this we need an herbal that creates vacuum and simultaneously another herbal should create heat.
The pregnant women needs lots of heat(Iron) inside her uterus to feed her still born and when she is not getting the food that has more iron she takes or tastes ashes from cow dung, which give some taste and create more Hb in the blood. The heat energy should send through the tongue vain.
Jaya pala is a plant mentioned in Arkaprakasika. It is Croton Tiglium is botanical name. This removes the Garbha Vayu, remove the air from the Uterus and gives flesh (and Palankara, = flesh maker.) In this add pistacia lentiscus seeds. This is mentioned as Acutangula (Agathayath) which is giving iron to blood. According to science Croton Tiglium is poisonous seed. But the method of preparing medicine is fry this seeds in a micro oven break the nut and remove the shell, you will be seeing a pulse break the pulse and remove the germ, a hair like thread from the pulse. The hair like thread is poison.
The recommendations are as per the climate and condition of the pregnant lady.
Preparation of this Medicine/ Paste
This paste we can recommend to be used as tongue spread 2 gms / an hour before and after food.

So you need to create a paste with iron that can be given to pregnant women which should be applied on the tongue.

The Ayur Veda has lots of recommendations for this and we must study if these syrups work with cold climate like USA and WEST EUROPE.
Arka Prakasika by Ravana
"Aushthya: Thath Bala Devam tvam visvam Jayabalaka
Ithyukthva Mam Agathayath Parvathy Mahi Managam"
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