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National Awards: Aadukalam bagged six Awards

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Aadukalam has bagged six National awards including for Best Actor, Director, Editor etc..

Dhanush and many others acted very well; the script is very good; the second half was little bit stretchy.. How a Guru turns a villain is hard to believe: the movie has love, betrayal, friendship, devotion to an art (although now it's outlawed) and sheer brutality in the streets of suburbs of Madurai in 2010!

This movie is in line with Myna, Subramaniapuram, Paruthiveeran etc totally opposite of Manmadha Ambugal of Kamal..

Will Aadukalam be India's entry to Oscar in the Foreign Movie category? Please chime in...

with good editing to reduce the movie time to 110 minutes, it can be a good entry.

the topic is very engaging. cock fighting has an universal appeal, and is banned in many countries. but everyone in those countries know where to go to watch and bet.

dhanush ofcourse is my favourite actor. i have loved him since i first saw him in pudhupettai, a few years ago. over the years he has matured and his mannerism are any day superior to vijay. also he has put on a few pounds, which makes him look polished.

jeyabalan, a sri lankan tamil living in norway, blew me away with the pettaikaran character. wonder where and how vetrimaran managed to get him. jeya has since then said, that he will act in no more movies and has gone back to sedate living in norway. he is in his late 60s i think.

tapassee is cute.. a good aathey aathey... :)

the portrayal of the anglo indians is par excellence. it is a community that is mocked and made fun in independent india - something i abhor. i grew up among them, and went to their school. they are very good people, and it is sad that many left india. they form an integral part of india, and provide a rich contribution to our ethnic mix.

the rustic south tamil nadu environment is brought out exactly as what i imagined. the setting up of mela, and whipping up the interest of the audience, is something that has to be seen to be believed. also the false pride and sense of honour, which masks the base instincts of greed jealousy and ulitmately murder.

a very satisfying ending, which is important to me.

yes. aadkulam is a good candidate.. more editting needed though.
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