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Dear Mr.Brahmanyan,
This is a small rider to your write-up on your visit to Guruvayur.

There was a great scholar by name Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri. He took
up the dreaded disease of leprosy from his guru Achutha Pisharati. He himself
had rheumatism. Unable to stand the twin suffering, he sent an emissary to
one Ezhuthachan to suggest a remedy for the disease. Ezuthachan told the
emissary ' meen thottu koottu', meaning ' start serving from fish '. A baffled
emisaary came back and relayed the message to his master. But Narayana
Bhattathiri understood the meaning of it and took it as a Divine command to
compose Bhagavatha purana, starting from macchavatharam. This bakthi
composition in sanskrit consists of 1038 slokas, divided into 100 dasakams of
10 verses each. After the 99th dasakam was completed, Lord Krishna
appeared before him and the last one is a master-piece description of Lord
Krishna. On its completion, Bhattathiri was cured.

Even today, one can see devotees reciting both Narayaneeyam and Srimad
Bhagavatham in the temple precincts.

The idol in the sanctum-sanctorum was originally worshipped by Brahma
and it was taken by Lord Krishna to Dwaraka later. When the Lord was
about to depart from this earth, he asked Guru and Vayu to take it and
instal it here.

My friends can enjoy 'Narayaneeyam' here :
Dear Messrs. Sri Brahmanyan Ji and Sri N.R.Ranganathan Ji,

You both display knowledge about our religion that are quite fascinating to me. Please keep on contributing. You have just made an old man learn something new.

Dear sri KRSji,
Many thanks. What I know is just a drop of water, and an ocean of knowledge
stares at me !

In the unpanishad there is a story. Sage Bharadwaja has been learning
Veda and doing adhyayanam. Even after learning the vedas in three births,
his hunger for knowledge was not satiated . He did tapas with a view to
get more births to be spent on learning. The ever-compassionate Ishwara
appeared before him. Creating big mountains before him, the Lord took a
handful of sandgrains and told the sage: " Look, what you have learnt so
far is just this handful and what is to be learnt is as large as these mountains."

Sir, I am a pigmy before many scholars who normally keep a low profile.
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