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Nara Seva is Narayana Seva

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Service to Humanity is Service to God

Passing the info from Dr. Kalyanaraman

Here's an extraordinary announcement; an announcement that can happen often, only in Bharatam, the land of Dharma. Annam bahukurveetha, tad vratam; this is the Vedic command. Annadaanam follows. Nara seva is narayana seva; service to humanity is service to paramaatman, the supreme divinity. If you have tears in your eyes, please cry and pray for every success for all the great aatman -- the staff, doctors and surgeons of Sri Sathya Sai Institute Higher Medical Sciences, Bangalore. There can be no greater tribute to humanity -- the very quintessence of abhyudayam and nihs'reyas -- than this. As tears flow down from my eyes, in the midst of enveloping darkness of aatmahatya of famers of bharatam, light emerges; there is hope; dharma spontaneous is dharma protected. Culture, after all, is an automatic pattern of good behaviour, reaching out to the unreached, reaching out to the voiceless, reaching out to those who cry for help.

Thanks, Badri ji for forwarding this. May paramaatman bless your endeavours.

namaskaram. kalyanaraman

Little hearts can keep beating, free of cost
(From poster circulated by CMC Limited).
For most parents of children requiring heart surgery, the cost is unaffordable.
Now here is good new. An institute in Bangalore, India, performs any kind of heart surgery free of cost.
Sri Sathya Sai Institute Higher Medical Sciences, EPIP Area, Whitefield, Bangalore 560066, Karnataka, India
Telephone: +91 80 28411500
Fax : + 91 80 28411502
Email: [email protected]
Please show heart, by passing this information on to all the people you know. It just might reach someone, somewhere, who needs
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