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In Australia, ngalinga is a sacred word and "nga"=naga. "Ngulinguurr" means a doctor /healer. Is nagalinga used to aid medicine in India?

naga linga pushpa is taken for shiva worship. normally green snakes use to stay inside the bindings of the tree. this flower will give divine smell and it attracts more for its beauty.
Naga linga

In Ayurveda, Nagakesara(sanskrit) or Siru naagappoo(Tamil) is used extensively as an anti-inflammatory medicine.The volatile oils from the flowers show anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.It is one of the ingredients in the many preparations which cure gastritis, scabies, bleeding piles,dysentry,scorpion poison and many...

Tamil Australia

Many thanks for both those replies. In east Australia, Indooroopilly means "running waters" and is a part of Brisbane city on the river. Possibly it is "Indra, Pillaiyar". Gurree is a beautiful forested island nearby, made by the shining sky-woman who made mountains, like Gouri. Durga is the evil spirit-woman south from Brisbane, and Mahhji is the strong god, like Mahaji a title of Shiva in Thailand. Dahndahra is the name of a mountain stream at Kambadjha, like Sanskrit dhAnA dahra "bountiful, swift stream". Bangalow means a palm-tree, like palm-thatch bangala shrines of Shiva in Bengal, and in Bali Indonesia. The country is Bundjalung, and 3 men named Mamoon, Ya Birrein and Birrung sailed a ship here from Ngareenbeil, and ngara means "ceremony". Negara was the ceremonial state-system in Bali, and negara is Malay for "national".
Indian people here comment on the Indic nature of Bundjalung place-names on street signs, and the appearance of those people. This week they were given land-rights by the government to affirm the ancestral title in Bundjalung land.
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