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My translations of works of Adhi sankara

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For the past ten years I have been doing translation of various stotrams,. I have so far translated 600 stotra rathnas. I am now trying to look back as to that I have done.

Possibly the greatest contribution to the stotra literature has come from Adhi Shankara. His utter sense of devotion , simplicity in choice of words, fluency and very musical writings have endeared his writings to all his devotees. I had the good fortune to translate some of his great works in to English and they are:-

1.Ranganathashtakam- Saptha prakara madhye sarasijamuklothbhasamane vimane,
2.Govindashtakam - Govindashtakam
3.Bhagwan Manasa Pooja- Bhagwan Manasa Pooja
4.Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambam- Sri Nakshmi Nrsimha Karavalamba stotra
5.Sri Rama Bhujangam- Sri Rama Bhujangam
6.Bhaja Govindam- Pray God, Pray God,
7.Krishna ashtakam- Sri Krisnashtakam,
8.Shivananda Lahari- I bow before the wooden slippers of my teacher,
9.Sri Dakshina Murthy ashtakam- Sree Dakshinamuthy Ashtakam
10.Shiva Manasa Pooja- Aaradhayami mani sannibham athma lingam,
11.Viswanathashtakam- Viswanathashtakam
12.Shiva BHujanga prayatha stotram- Galadhana gandam, milath brunga shandam,
13.Shivashtakam- Shivashtakam
14.Annapurnashtakam- Annapurbashtakam
15.Lalitha Pancharathnam- Lalitha Pancha Rathna
16.Soundarya Lahari- Lord Shiva with Shakthi,
17. Bhavani ashtakam- Bhavani Ashtakam
18.Bhavani Bhujangam- Sri Bhavani Bhujangam
19.TRipurasundari ashtakam- Tripurasundari ashtakam
20.Manthra mathruka pushpa mala sthavam- Mantra mathruka pushpa mala sthavam
21Raja Rajeswari manthra mathruka sthavam- Rajarajeswari mantra mathruka sthavam
22.Kalpa Shaki sthavam- Kalpa saakhi gana sath prasoona madhupana keli kuthuka bramath,
23.Meenakshi stotram- Sri Meenakshi sthothram
24.Gauri Dasakam- . Gauri Dasakam
25.Ananda Lahari- Ananda Lahari
26.Akhilandeswari Manthra Mathruka pushpa mala- Akhilandeswari Mathruka pushpa mala
27.Vageeswari sthavam- Vaageswari Sthavam
28.Sharada bhujanga prayata stotram- Sharada Bhujanga prayathashtakam
29.Ganesa Pancha rathnam- Ganesa Pancha rathnam
30.Subramanya Bhujangam- Subrhamanya Bujangam
31.Gangashtakam- Shankaracharya Krutha Gangashtakam
32.Hanumth Pancha Rathnam- Shankaracharya Krutha Gangashtakam
33.Hanumath Bhujanga prayata stotram- Hanumath bhujanga prayatha stotram*
34.Nirvana Shatkam- Neither am I mind, nor intelligence ,
35.Athma Panchakam- Athma Panchakam
36.SAdhana Panchakam- Sadhana Panchakam
37.Kaupeena Panchakam- Vedantha Vakhyeshu Sada ramantho,
38.Prasnothara Rathna malika- Prasnothara Rathna Malika
39.Aparokshanubhuthi- Aparakshanubhoothi
40.Nirvana Manjari- Aham na amaro naiva marthyo na daithyo,
41.Dasa sloki- Dasa Sloki or Nirvana Dasakam
42.Shad pathi- Shat padhi
43.Maya Panchakam- Maya Panchakam
44.Dhanyashtakam- Dhanyashtakam
45.Anathma csri vigrahana Prakaranam- Anathma Sri vigarhana Prakaranam
46.Vijnana Nauka- Vijnana Nauka
47.Mathru Panchakam- Mukthaa Manisthvam, Nayanam mamethi,
48.Guruvashtakam- Even if one is blessed,
49.Kala bhairavashtakam- Kalabhairavashtakam,
50.Pratha smarana stotram- Pratha Smarana Stotram
51.Kasi Panchakam- Mano nivruthi paramopa santhi,

With best wishes, Ramachander
Dear Shri Ramachander

Greetings . You have done a monumental work with patience and perseverance. No success either in the material world
or in the spiritual path is possible without these qualities. Perseverance is continued application to anything which
one has begun. With steadfast pursuit you have translated 600 stotra rathnas which is a difficult task. With good command
over english, good understanding of each and every sanskrit verse, unquestionable bhakti towards Adi Shankara
dedication and devotion you have accomplished this objective. I pray to Adi Shankara to bless you for long life and
robust health for very many more years.

with best wishes

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