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My poem dedicated to 'Starry Night' painting by Van Gogh


Hare Krishna
It was a starry night alright
Tommy's family is staying put indoors real tight
While little Tommy in his slumber, lay by his side
He is dreaming of wondrous moments and events of high tide
One moment he was at the high seas sailing away
While monstrous waves made the ship seem quite a dinghy during its sway
Ahead of him at a distance lay a quaint little town
On an island that seemed pretty dark making Tommy frown
But what made the picture by the shore pique one's interest
Was a huge bonfire by a square amidst people looking their best
So huge was the smoke from the bonfire it seemed to reach the very sky
And paint the stars with chrome and orange so intense for an artist's try
Laughter and merriment so full of life, the square was fun to explore
Until Tommy eyed the night sky sending cues to open wide, his soul's door
So bright it was, the massive and vibrant vision by the horizon
Stars cascaded down from the zenith, a stargazer could swoon in emotion!
Comets, nebulas, constellations and galaxies Tommy could name
There were lights of every size putting the bonfire down below to shame
As he was enticed into the secret of the skies oh so marvelous to see
He felt a sudden rush by his body, as if he was captive, now set free
With a jerk, Tommy sits up upright
And notices his family sitting all around the hearth in hugs so tight
The vegetable stew is brewing by the fire in the kitchen stove
Creating the smoke that rose so high, dimming the lamp by the alcove
While the group seemed to feast on yummy toast laden with chewy berries
Mom is extending to Tommy steamy chocolate milk so hot he hurries
Dancing inside the hot concoction is the slowly melting marshmallow
Much like the halo around the stars in his dreamscape a bit ago
As Tommy enjoys his coffee, bean, and berries amidst ravenous hunger
The little crowd cheers with tales of heroes from the stars of the yonder!
The nebulas become their fanciful horses
Carrying knights in armor that a dainty princess of a fairy tale endorses
There is star wars of every kind spoken about in their mirthful festivities
Ptolemy to Aristotle are explored there amidst children on their curious knees
Oh!, so is the reason why Tommy dreamt of the lovely seascape
Beyond his slumber somehow, seemed his ears were all along quite agape!
Transmitting the merry joyous news of the stars, the smoke, and the aroma
In to young and flourishing neurons to make up a vision so full of drama!
Do you know why Tommy is not complaining that his vision so dear had to end
'Cause he can entrap his mind's eye on to canvas that can make your spirit ascend.


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