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My literary work in English

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1. Indian youth – past & present

Here is my view of how the youth of India has been behaving. One is the youth of yesterday (Y1) and another is the present day youth (Y2). You may observe the difference not only in the attitude but also in the language.

Y1: “I want to score well in SSLC and get a job in P&T”
Y2: “I wanna do well in campus and get a job in IT”

Y1: “It is a privilege to take blessings from elders”
Y2: “Why the heck do the elders still exist?”

Y1: “My cousin’s nephew’s sister-in-law told me …”
Y2: “some old lady (guess she is related to me) told me….”

Y1: “I enjoy this breeze”
Y2: “S*** ! The Aircon is not working”

Y1: “I live with my parents”
Y2: “It is call from my father. Tell him I am busy”

Y1: “I am moved by the darshan at the temple”
Y2: “I kinda enjoyed the party last week-end”

Y1: “I enjoyed the idli-sambar you prepared for breakfast”
Y2: “The burger I had was s***”

Y1: “I am glad you visited us”
Y2: “U could hv informed us abt ur visit”

Y1 (to neighbour): “How is your aunt now after illness?”
Y2 (to neighbour): “Who are you, man?”

Y1 (when angry): “You should not have done that”
Y2 (when angry): “Why the f*** did u do it?”
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1. Indian youth – past & present

Y1: “I enjoy this breeze”
Y2: “S*** ! The Aircon is not working”

Fantastic! Marvelous! Beautiful! Excellent!

Thank for your wonderful literary works.

Some of my net friends(S.East Asians) using the word Aircon.
When they used this, I was confused and asked the meaning.
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