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My Introduction

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Hi, My name is A.Parthasarathy ('Partha' to my erstwhile work colleagues and will be happy if addressed as such) and am happy to be a new member of the community. I am essentially from Chennai; however spent the last 37 years in Delhi working for the Central Govt and have now returned to my home town. A brief Background: born in Mannargudi; studied in Ramakrishna Mission High School, North Branch in Chennai, did graduation in Presidency College; worked for a couple of years as sales rep and medical rep; then joined GoI in Delhi, rose to reach Director-level in the Ministry of External Affairs before returning to Chennai in April this year. Travelled to different parts in the world - however, nothing like Home, Sweet Home. My regards to all those members who are elders to me and good wishes to the youngsters. Look forward to being in touch with you all.

Welcome Partha !

Dunia Gol Hai !! No matter where a tam-bram goes to, he or she eventually returns back to the same community, though not necessarily to the same town/state.

We look forward to your posts, erudite interpretations of issues concerning Brahminism (in General) and Tamil-Brahminism (to be specific , on some issues). 37 Years is a pretty long time to spend in the service of the great Indian welfare state (Upmanyu Chatterjee excels in defining it).

You may like to throw light on reasons for dwindling numbers of Tambrams who take civil Services and other exams for entry to the civil service.

Good hunting !!

Hi LQ, Thanks for the welcome! Your question is very relevant. On coming here, I now notice a distinct lack of interest among the Tambrahms (also among other Tamils) in enhancing their knowledge about the world outside the borders of TN. To the best of my knowledge, most of the Tambrahms either want to pursue studies in the US (and then preferably settle down there) or would prefer to stay put in TN. This is a recent trend that I am witnessing. Earlier, owing to lack of job opportunities, people like me migrated to other States, esp. to Mumbai and Delhi. I presume the job situation is much better now in TN. Also, in respect of civil services, the general awareness about these opportunities is much greater among college students and graduates in North Indian towns than in the South. And, most importantly, there are very many coaching classes for these Central Services examinations that readies a candidate to face them with confidence. Sadly, except for one or two coaching classes in Chennai, we don't have that mechanism. This puts the Southerners in disadvantage. Do you agree?

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