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My humble translation efforts of Carnatic music Krithis

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Sri Ramachander
I just went through your translation of muddusvAmi deekshitar kR^ti, sUryamUrttE in saurAshTram and was prompted to make
the following comments:
1. anupallavi of the kR^ti is:
kArya kAraNAtmaka jagatprakASa -------
IMO the translation should be '(one who) illumines (prakASa) jagat (world) which is,
Atmaka (of the nature of) kArya (action) and kAraNa (cause)'.
2. IMO 'Arya vinuta' may mean '(one who) was worshipped by Aryans as Sun God was one
of the major deities of R^gvEdic Aryans.
3. The charaNam begins as 'sArasamitra mitra bhAnO --'
Here 'sArasamitra' means 'friend of lotus' as in your translation.
mitra bhanu etc refer to the twelve AdityAs (sun deities)of the R^gvEda viz mitra, ravi,
sUrya, bhAnu, khaga, pUsha, hiraNyagarbha, mareechi, Aditya, savitR^,
arkka and bhAskara.
In later vedic period these twelve deities became synonyms of Sun God.(cf.vikipedia)
So traslating mitra as friend would imply that deekshitar addresses the SunGod as a
friend which is quite unlikely.
My very meagre knowledge of Sanskrit does not help to comprehend how
'saurAshTRARNa mantram' is translated as eight syllabled chant.More
explanation from your part will be very helpful.
Not open for further replies.

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