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Murugan's 12 Hands-What He Carries

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Murugan's Twelve Hands-What He Carries

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Murugan's worship with the Kandhar Shashti Kavacam. The Kavacam contains various angas which deal with various steps and stages and also the different approaches to and types of worshipping Murugan. It is somewhat a more or less complete sadhana for Murugan worship.
For performing the Kandhar Sahshti Kavacam worship, I recommended pictures of Murugan with six faces and twelve arms, sitting with VaLLi and Devasena upon a Pea-cock . The vEl is also prominently placed in the picture. .
"Sir, you are advising me to hold a form of Murugan in my mind and pray. He has twelve arms. What is He holding in his hands? I dont know. So I cannot imagine".
What does Murugan hold in his hands?
If its a four-armed Murugan, He will holding the Vajram and Shakthi ayudhams in His upper hands. The Abhaya and Varadha mudras are shown by His lower two hands. The Vel is made separately with bronze, silver or gold and placed across His chest. The point of the vEl is just level to Murugan's left eye brow.
What is abhaya? Whatever drives away - banishes or destroys fear is 'Abhaya'. The mudra is normally used for giving refuge. 'Varadha' is giving of boons.
The Shakthi ayudham is shaped like three lozenges stuck together tip to tip. At the bottom is a handle. A Vajra is usually shaped like two trisulas attached together by their bottoms. With a handle, of course.
This is the general norm.
But what Murugan carries in His four arms varies with what form He is in.
If He is in the form of Brahma Sastha, He would be having the Kamandalu, Aksha Mala, Chin Mudra and the Lotus.
What does He carry in His twelve hands?
The Agamas and the Shilpa Sastras shed a light here.
Right side hands:
Gatha = mace
Dvija- Flag
Kadga - a type of sword
Pana - arrow
There may be some variations in this list.
Instead of some of the weapons in the above list, they may be substitued with the following -
Paasa - a lasoo
Chakra - discus
On the left-sided hands -
Dhanus - bow
Kadgam -sword
Padmam - lotus
There are also variations in this leftist list.
Danda - staff
Shanka - conch
Kukkutam - Cockerel
Halam - Plough
KEtaka - sheild
Kamandalu - Water pot
Ankusa - elephant goad
For those who worship Murugan in the Manasa manner - within the mind - 'antharmuka samaraadhana', this list might be useful.

Dear Krishna

Whether the brows of murugan will be inequal since the level of "VEL" has been specified with left eye brow?

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