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Movie Review - Ayan

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Have you seen Quantum of Solace? Blood Diamond?

Bits and pieces borrowed from both the above movies, added with a dash of Tamil sentiments, the cool super-human hero, the usual ‘out-of-synch’ songs, some illogical stuff and the ever present ultimate diabolical villain and viola – we have Ayan!

Not much if one expects too much of a different story-line here. The hero’s role is over smart all the time – a trifle too cool. Though some of the action sequences, even if borrowed, look good and are a plus to the movie; more importantly the way, he outsmarts the customs officials is an ace! Though the plot is not convincing, the screenplay drags it through.

Thamanna… hmm… I always wonder why romance in movies is presupposed!!! Is the audience supposed to assume that whenever the hero and heroine meet, love is the ultimate result? Seriously, when would tamil cinema grow up? Having said that, thamanna is a dolly.

Some other characters lend support to the cast.

Whenever the plot got me interested a little, there was this swish and I found, to my distaste, the hero and heroine singing and dancing…

The climax was glaringly illogical and seemed as a child's fantasy... The quality of the audience has to be really cheap to appreciate such trivial stuff...

All in all, a decent entertainer for the masses, average for the college-goers and ‘yet another tamil movie’ when compared to the high standards of erstwhile movies of surya!

Blood diamond is indeed fav. movie.. Agustus show of Jenniffer Connelly, as a journalist with vibes!!!
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Dear Sri Seshadri,

Thanks for the warning.
I will avoid this movie.

The last Tamil movie I went to see with great expectations was Dasaavataaram.
I expected Kamalahasan (my favorite actor) to outdo Shivaji Ganeshan in Navaraatri.
The numbers (10 now versus 9 earlier) also justified this hope.

Except for the well filmed scenes of the Tsunami, and the opening scenes, the movie was a total disappointment.

The last Tamil movie I went to see with no expectations whatsoever was Poy Sollo Porom. It was a rollicking entertainer and I enjoyed every minute of the movie.
Just out of curiosity, at the earliest opportunity, I got hold of the dvd of the Hindi Original "Khosla Ka Ghosla" which had been remade as Poy Solla Porom. TheTamil version outdid the Hindi version on every single count. Nasser's performance was simply mind blowing. He stole the show.

Nowadays, the TV serial Enge Braahmanan (Jaya TV, 8pm to 8:30 pm IST) has me hooked. I missed all the earlier episodes and am now slowly catching up by watching it on the computer (courtesy Isaitamil.net)

Regards to all
G Vishwanath.
JP Nagar, Bangalore (New member)
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