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movie review ஒஸ்தி

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I am one of those folks who enjoyed watching dabangg, the first time so much, that I have seen it twice more. for the sheer entertainment value, the music, dance, salman’s moustache and gait, and sonakshi’s mango plump face.

So it was with some trepidation that I approached osthi. I need not have feared, for it was such a debacle, that had I not seen it, I would not have missed anything.

Afaic, the movie, osthi, to me came with a handicap.

It was a remake of a award winning (undeserved as I see it) dabangg, and so I was wont to compare, just about everything with the original. Which is unfair, and also did not do justice to osthi, as a movie in itself. but then, that is the risk the producer takes for remakes, and I think, he hopes, that the viewers of his translated product, have not seen the original. Yes?

Simbu, who shone as the understated paramour in vinnai thaandi varuvaya, I think, is not the best choice for this movie. Maybe vikram or surya would have more panache.

Add to his short baby faced figure, simbu speaks in a fake tirunelveli accent, ending every word and sentence with ‘leyyy’, something that was laughed at, in many rural tamil blogs that I have seen. If I had not seen the blogs, I would have taken simbu’s speech delivery in this movie, as some sort of disfigurement.

Then richa gangopadhyaya.

Whereas in the original,sonakshi’s sultriness added a sexual charm to her chemistry with salman, here simbu/richa mix is akin to mixing two bases – no reaction.

Moreover, richa looks like her mouth is stuffed with a huge wad of bubble gum, which was wont to bubble, if she ever opens her mouth. Hence her speaking her dialogue through her teeth, which sounds more like angry hisses than terms of endearment. Oh dear!

Even the secondary actors fare badly, with poor revathi my relative, coming off worse. Which shows, that there is absolutely no good roles for mid aged women in tamil or bollywood cinema. Very sad, considering that 30-50 is perhaps the most fruitful years of a woman, both from motherhood and careerwise viewpoints. Just my take on this, that is all. Not for argument.

The songs are awful. L.r. easwari, my favourite vocal siren (who can forget துள்ளுவதோ இளமை ?) is supposed to sing a version of munni badnaam hui, and , and lrr’s voice, passed through synthesizers, it turns out like a hoary mating calls of bull frogs in heat. Not pleasant at all.

Mallika sherawat shows a wee bit more skin, but compared to malaika arora khan, appears to be doing this here just for the money. No heart, which is essential for an item dance.

All in all, ஒஸ்தி is more a தாழ்த்தி in my view. but it appears to be a hit, making good at the box office. which only shows, that i should stick to babbling around in the forums, and not venture into making movies, for i have no clue to tamil fan taste.

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