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Motto of human life

Motto of human life

  • Money,materials?

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  • Pleasure,Joy and comforts?

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  • Just a time pass?

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  • Human life is sacred,Human life is got after laks of birth

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Dear all,
what can be the motto of our life?Money,Materials,gold,richness,comforts?

No the life is not meant for all these above things.The final destiny of human life is reaching the almighty,the god.He is all the supreme power who created us,who is the almighty.

Yes,the above said money and all wealths,comforts are things which will end one day and will passover from one person to other,when he dies or losses it.And the sorrows will remain there when it is get lost.When he attains the wealth,comfort, human beings forgets himself in the joy of happiness and wants to have more fun and happiness.And these sorrows and happiness follows him all and all around.Finally he will not attain peace and satisfied.

Bhagavad geetha says "do ur duty and dont expect anything from it".This should also be in our mind.God Krishna also says,when a human attains or enters the circle of hapiness and sorrow,again sorrow and happiness,all these things gets recorded in his heart as just like tape recorder and thus helps in birth again.Birth may be human,snakeor dog according to his fate.

So always Chant the holy name of god,his avatars,his love and care for us.And get rid of another birth.Attainig god can came from Bhakthiyoga,thiyanayoga,nayanayoga.

According to lord krishna(bhagavad geetha),even Lord brahma's world called brahma lokkam also gets destroyed during Pralayam,only vaikuntam or the supreme god's world only exist unaffected.So We human must aim to attain the feets of god.

All people,pls atlest read bhagavad geeta once,as everyone cannot go for vedas.Bhagavad geetha is equal valuable to vedas.Its very easy to understand bhagavad geetha.Also follow it to know what lord krishna say to us for attaining him.

This human life given by god is very sacred.Dont waste it just for worldy comforts,Use it for attaining lords feet,who is the real comfort for us.Remember human life is got after laks and laks of births.This is the final test to pass.So humans we lets try to attain him.

Thanks to all for reading this one.MAy god bless us.

Jai Shree ram.​
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